Tyranny Character Creation And Attributes Guide

Tips on Tyranny character creation and customization with understanding the attributes of the different characters and overview of best attributes.

Obsidian Entertainment’s Tyranny is finally available on Steam and as soon as players jump into the game, like most RPGs these days they will have to first design their character as per their liking. The huge amount of options available can be a bit overwhelming for some people.

This character creation guide is designed for such people or for those who just don’t have the time to go through all the available options and want a quick rundown of tools at their disposal to create the perfect character for Tyranny.

First and foremost, in character creation is the Appearance section where players can choose the skin color, body type and gender of their character as well as some other fine tuning of such as hair color, tattoos, voice, face.

There are a decent amount of options available here so as to give variety while making sure no one feels overwhelmed or can’t make up their mind over which options to select.

Once the character appearance part is done, players can proceed to the character History section that ties into the lore of Tyranny’s world.

In this section, players will decide the back story of their character as to how they ended up in the army of Kyros. Selecting a meaningful backstory is important as the dialogue choices in the game depend on that.

The Primary Expertise section of character creation is where players get to choose their character’s weapon of choice. This selection doesn’t mean a player gets locked to a specific play style as it only helps them in the beginning of the game and after a while they can switch their play style and learn all sorts of skills.

Similar to Primary Expertise, players can also select their Secondary Expertise. The availability of certain secondary ones depends on the primary expertise chosen.

Selection of a Banner and the character’s name finishes up the Appearance section of Character Creation in Tyranny and players can head on to truly decide how good their character is by moving to the Attributes section.

RPG aficionados should be familiar with pretty much every Attribute available in this section as these are included in almost every RPG and are what really makes a character in a game. These attributes determine a character’s performance in combat as well as during conversations.

Some attributes also directly affect Primary and Secondary Expertise. Highlighting each attribute will tell players what it does but below is a rundown of them all for easy viewing.

Might – increases a character’s physical strength ensuring attacks and abilities deal more damage, especially for a melee character while also improving Endurance

Finesse – determines a character’s accuracy and is thus useful for ranged attacks and spells. If a character has archery or ranged magic focused expertise, improving Finesse benefits them a lot

Quickness – the higher the quickness, the less time it will take for spells and abilities to cooldown. It is really useful for ather, rogue, mage and sorcerer

Vitality – affects a character’s health and strength of personality. Extremely useful for melee characters, especially those who don’t like to avoid attacks, while also benefiting others as everyone can use a bit of extra health. It also improves Will defense which defends against magic attacks

Wits – improves mental strength, similar to Intellect in other RPGs. Helps character spot secrets, detect traps and be more aware of their surroundings but highly benefits magic users by improving their attack and defense

Resolve – improves the ability to withstand and cope with mental and physical burdens. Improves other attributes such as Endurance, Will and Magic Defense as well. Also increases the duration of Affliction the player’s character can apply

The next most important section of Character Creation in Tyranny is the Skills tab where players get to choose which weapons and abilities are their character proficient with.

A description panel highlights the pros and cons of each weapon and skill. Weapon Skills are affected by Primary and Secondary Expertise while Support Skills relate to movement and charisma.

The following usable Skills are available during this section:

Weapon Skills

  • Magic Staff
  • Thrown Weapons
  • Two-Handed Weapons
  • Bows
  • Dual Wield
  • One-Handed Weapons
  • Unarmed Combat

Support Skills

  • Athletics
  • Dodge
  • Lore
  • Parry
  • Subterfuge

Once players have selected their skills, they will reach the final part of the Character Creation, choosing a past Conquest or going with predetermined past choices for the character.

By choosing Conquest, players can decide how their character acted during Kyros’ conquest of the Tiers. The choices here will determine the state of the world once players being their journey.

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