Two Point Hospital Pelican Wharf Guide

This Two Point Hospital guide dives into everything regarding Pelican Wharf, including the Best Layout, Star Objectives, Staff Training Tips

Pelican Wharf is the first hospital you can play in World 5 of Two Point Hospital, which can be unlocked by obtaining Star Level in Blighton. This hospital will center around research and the upgradation of machines.

The following guide dives into everything regarding Pelican Wharf, including the Best Layout, Star Objectives, Staff Training Tips, Managing Staff Morale, Managing Reputation, and a Walkthrough.

Best Layout for Pelican Wharf

In Two Point Hospital, every hospital you play has its unique layout. Players can then, later on, modify these layouts and adjust them to their requirements. We have made the most suitable 3-Star Winning Layout for Pelican Wharf.

Their first plot will be your reception and entry area. You should have a proper waiting area here. Place vending machines and benches and build washrooms as well.

You will need to have many GP’s offices to meet increasing patient demand.

Plot 2 is your diagnosis-oriented plot with a singular GP’s field office. You may have to set this up later as you will find the cost of building very expensive at the start. Be sure to enable Fast track diagnosis.

Plot 3 and Plot 4 should first be segregated into smaller rooms and set up as your treatment areas. It is best to wait until you have sufficient funds to make all the buildings.

You can also introduce a Fracture Ward in Plot 3 and funnel through Injection and Pharmacy patients here so you can achieve your Cure Rate goals.

Plot 5 serves the purpose of accommodating your enlarging Ward and Diagnosis needs.

Plots 8 and 9 will be set up as your Advanced and Specialized treatment areas. You should make at least two separate staff rooms on each side of the hospital to prevent your Specialized Staff from traveling to other parts of the map.

Plot 10 will accommodate your ever-growing patient population and allow for expansion.

Pelican Wharf Star Objectives

1 Star Objectives

  • Cure 100 Patients
  • Cure Rate of 60%
  • Train 3 Staff in Research III
  • Upgrade 15 Machines


  • $10,000
  • Croquembouche (You need a 1 Star Rating in Rotting Hill as well)
  • K100
  • 100 Research

2 Star Objectives

  • Cure 200 Patients
  • Cure Rate of 75%
  • Train 2 Staff in Research IV
  • Upgrade 15 Machines


  • $20,000
  • 250 Research
  • K150

3 Star Objectives

  • Cure 500 Patients
  • Cure Rate of 90%
  • You must Train one of your staff members in Research V
  • Upgrade 15 Machines


  • 500 Research
  • $30,000
  • K200

Pelican Wharf Staff Training Tips

At Pelican Warf, a large emphasis is given to research and upgradation of buildings; to do so; your staff must be trained in the necessary skills.

The Staff Training game mechanic in Two Point Hospital helps you upgrade your staff, allowing them to gain new skills or improve older ones. This feature becomes available once you reach level 3. You should have the following skills in mind for each occupation.

It is the best option to start with your Receptionists and upgrade their Emotion, Stamina, and Intelligence skills.

Your Doctors must receive buffs in their Treatment, Diagnostics, General Practice, Research, and Psychiatry skills.

Followed by your Nurses who require upgrades in their Diagnostics, Injection Administration, Ward Management, and Pharmacy Management skills.

Other hospital staff, including Janitors and Assistants, also require upgrades.

To improve their performance, janitors should receive buffs in Mechanics, Maintenance, and Ghost Capture.

Finally, your Assistants require upgrades in Customer Service and Marketing Skills.

Pelican Wharf: How to Manage Staff Morale

Their morale directly influences the effectiveness of your staff and their productivity. Staff Morale is affected by their Salary and Mood.

In some cases, meeting the minimum wages for your staff is not sufficient. They’ll be needed to be paid well to maintain good morale.

Basic facilities must be provided to improve your staff’s work conditions. You should have multiple Staff rooms and place Vending Machines, Snack Machines, Leaflet Stands, and Benches to improve their moods.

Boosting the Emotional Intelligence skill of every member helps you increase their happiness by 10%.

You can also Participate and Win Staff Challenges to increase the happiness of each staff member. It may also be best to do away with staff with negative traits in favor of those with good traits as they are easier to keep happy.

You should also ensure clean work conditions and environment for your staff. Hire an army of Janitors and place Bins in every corner of your hospital to maintain pristine work conditions.

How to Manage Pelican Wharf Reputation

Pelican Wharf is a very tricky level to deal with. When you start the level, you should immediately increase your prices to 100% or 200%. Doing so will double the income from individual patients; however, it will also hinder your reputation from rising.

Players may freak out when seeing their Reputation drop; however, this will make the patient flow in your hospital more manageable, avoiding large queues and messes.

It allows you to operate with less staff and fewer costs while allowing you to train your staff so they are more effective endgame.

Doing so will help buy you time to expand the hospital.

Two Point Hospital Pelican Wharf Walkthrough

While playing Pelican Wharf in Two Point Hospital, you will not encounter any disasters; however, you may encounter a few emergencies. These include Surgery Emergency (Operating Theatre) and Pandemic Emergency (Pan’s Lab).

The following Strategy is the most suitable when playing Pelican Wharf:

Firstly, you should consider managing your hospital’s reputation as described above.

After doing so, you should evaluate the most notable illnesses. You’ll find that most illnesses would be treatable in the Pharmacy. To gain access to the Pharmacy, remember to train at least one Nurse in Pharmacy skills.

Set your focus on completing other objectives before considering Cure Rate. Since it depends on the latest number of patients, it gets reset after some time.

This level focuses a lot on the upgrade of machines. So to keep your hospital as compact as possible, you should upgrade any machine, then sell the room and build it again. So can then upgrade it again and repeat the process infinitely.

When considering expanding, you should select the ones close to the Helipad or street. This is where you’ll find most of your Patients, emergency patients, guest trainers, and VIPs coming from.

You should consider getting 2-3 Radiologists and eventually upgrade them to Diagnostic IV; this will help cover X-rays, MEGA, and GP’s offices. They will also help when you need to make 3-4 GP offices to accommodate the patient flow.

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