Two Point Hospital Underlook Hotel Guide

This Two Point Hospital guide dives into everything regarding Underlook Hotel, including the Best Layout, and Star Objectives, etc.

Players in Two Points Hospital are responsible for building and running a vast network of hospitals in the fictional Two Point County. Underlook Hotel is the first hospital in World 6 of Two Point Hospital which requires the Bigfoot DLC.

The Underlook Hotel is plagued by misfortune and poor administration, which leads to mishaps, illness outbreaks, and disgruntled visitors. The owner has established a medical emergency budget to restore the hotel’s reputation and prevent further litigation. Players in Two Point Hospital will administer the resort’s brand-new medical Center.

To unlock Underlook Hotel, you must complete Hogsport, the game’s first level, with one star in order. A letter inviting you to the Underlook will be sent to you. If you can’t remember where you are, it’s in the extreme north of the map.

Best Layout For Underlook Hotel

While playing Two Point Hospital, Your layout for the Underlook Hotel must be excellent to prevent packed hallways, lengthy lineups, and announcements about patient expiration. Here are some layout guidelines that you may use to create the ideal hospital design:

  • Try to keep your room size as little as possible. After all, organizing the office buildings in most hospitals might be a hassle if a certain room takes up too much area. You’re therefore better off adhering to the minimum size for most rooms and using the extra space for something else to avoid any needless difficulties.
  • Set up staff rooms and toilets in each large hospital building, so staff don’t have to travel much.
  • Try to make your wards as large as you can. Go bigger because a lot of the extra tasks require you to be able to heal five to 10 patients in your ward.
  • Design each building according to some specific purpose.
  • Try Building Multiple Medical Centres
  • Maximize the efficiency of your training rooms and never skimp on the GP office.
  • Make sure your hallways and corridors are spacious and well-stocked and don’t forget to have entertainment available.

Underlook Hotel Star Objectives

1 Star Hospital :

  • The minimum requirement for a 1-star hospital is to cure 60 patients and to have a hospital reputation of 65%. Completing 3 marketing campaigns is also one of the requirements.
  • The reward for obtaining 1 star is $10,000 or 100 Kudosh.

2 Star Hospital :

  • The requirements for 2 stars are curing a minimum of 100 patients and completing 5 marketing campaigns. Another requirement is to get a level 5 Doghouse.
  • Reward is $20,000 or 150 Kudosh.

3 Star Hospital :

  • To obtain 3 stars, the hospital has to cure 200 patients with a reputation of 95%. Completing 8 Marketing Campaigns and a Staff Morale of 80% is also required.
  • The rewards for obtaining 3 stars include $30,000 or 200 Kudosh bonus.

Underlook Hotel’s Staff Training Tips

The first and most important advice is to employ your staff as much as possible to instruct your other staff to avoid unnecessary spendings.

The staff can receive training to pick up new talents from other employees. By selecting the “Training” option from the menu that appears after selecting the “Rooms” symbol in the bottom-left corner of the screen, players can construct a new room in the hospital.

However, creating it will set gamers back $7000. No matter how big the space is, it works as long as players can get to the lectern.

To access the screen where you can choose your training course, click the podium (lectern). From here, players can select a course for their staff to take, after which they must select the students and the instructor for the course.

There are also Training Modifiers that affect the training time. The other variable is Training Speed, meaning that some trainees are faster studies than others.

Teacher Masterclass qualification provides +50% Teaching Speed and Learning Speed. Other than that, there are fast learner traits that give a +50% Learning speed bonus too.

Underlook Hospital: How to Manage Staff Morale

After you’ve employed a staff member and given them some basic training, you’ll need to construct facilities that will satisfy them. They will be more content if there is a reasonable break policy, accessible break areas with sufficient supplies and training opportunities are supported by pay increases and a clean facility.

Try to create Prestige rooms by adding décor, mattresses, toilets, and windows, and make sure there are high-quality food and drink machines nearby or in the treatment areas. The hospital’s temperature and aesthetic appeal should both be taken into account.

If you combine the two, you’ll have contented workers who earn you tons of money, cure patients quickly and achieve the elusive three-star hospital rating.

Two Point Hospital Underlook Hotel Walkthrough


This hospital’s overarching objective is to boost its reputation and roll out marketing campaigns while treating patients. In this hospital, you earn money by achieving your goals, and the key to staying afloat is to have a high cure rate that ensures all of your bills are covered.

You can always deny a target if it is too difficult, but you will lose 15 reputations. Look at the list below if you’re lost. The first activities in Underlook Hotel are as follows:

  • Find a Janitor with the mechanic trait and update the pharmacy’s drug mixer. In the beginning, you always have a lot of people who require the drugstore.
  • Build a Training Room.
  • Keep an eye out for employees who have Treatment II, GP II, or Diagnosis II certifications, and use them to impart skills to the rest of your staff.


Start small and work toward the initial goals; eventually, you’ll gain the tools you need to treat Barking Mad patients. Construct the Doghouse and employ or train a nurse with the Treatment talent. To earn the performance incentive, you must teach two nurses in any case.

A normal Ward and a fracture ward are where you’ll start. You’ll need to watch out for these and make improvements when possible. You can also raise its prestige and ensure that the nurses have easy access to food, drinks, and a staff room. Wards are where most ailments you frequently encounter at our hospital will be identified and treated. Do provide employee training as soon as you get the opportunity.

If you don’t have a DNA Lab, MEGA Scan, or other high-level diagnosis rooms, by the time you reach the first star, your Cure Rate will start to suffer, and you’ll start losing money. I advise buying a second plot to put your treatment rooms on and using the first plot only for diagnosis rooms.

General Tips

  • Bad reviews might damage your reputation, so you’ll want to ensure your hospital is in excellent condition. The problem should be solved by employing enough janitors and providing enough plants and trash cans.
  • Use your staff as frequently as possible to instruct your other staff to cut back on wasteful spending.
  • You might be tempted to accept the offers to construct any room and heal every disease, but staying true to your goals will help you complete this level more quickly. A good marketing assistant, a nurse who can treat Barking Mad, and a high overall cure rate are all important.
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