Two Key PS5 Features All But Cofirmed

Sony’s PlayStation 5 is not far off if we go by the latest rumors, speculations, and leaked information. While there is not a drop of official information about PS5, based on current unofficial details we can safely bet on at least two PS5 features.

The two key PS5 features in question are backward compatibility and a new BD-XL disc. First, let’s talk about the new BD-XL disc introduced by Sony earlier today.

Sony plans to release this new BD-XL disc next month. It can store up to 128GB of data across its 4-layers. Each layer is capable of holding 32GB of data. With rising file sizes of modern day video games, a disc that can hold larger files has become a necessity. We recently talked about how Red Dead Redemption 2 is over 100GB on PS4 and Xbox One which is huge. One can only imagine where these sizes go in the next few years.

Fans discovered a PC version listed for Q4 2019 and if that listing holds any merit, the file on PC would definitely be much bigger than PS4 and Xbox One. It is nice to see Sony preparing for the future ahead of time.

Now, let’s discuss the second PS5 feature, backward compatibility. Sony has never really paid attention to backward compatibility but Microsoft’s push in this department has forced Sony to look into BC. A patent was recently uncovered which revealed how Sony is looking into PS5 backward compatibility.

If there is one feature that can prove to be a game changer for Sony, it is PS5 backward compatibility. If PS5 can support PS4, PS3, PS2, and even PS1 games, it can become the perfect gaming machine from Sony. PS Now has proved to be a disappointment as an alternative to BC.  Proper PS5 backward compatibility is something we can expect from Sony.

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