Tutor Quits £2000 a Month Job to Play Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go player from London quit her £2000 job to just play the game. She intends to sell Pokemon Go accounts on eBay for money.

Twenty-six-year-old Sophia Pedraza from London tutored children, making £2000 a month. However, it seems the job wasn’t fulfilling enough for her. She decided to quit the job and play Pokemon Go. She wants to catch every Pokemon and become a Pokemaster.

She now plays Pokemon Go for 18 hours a day, Pedraza told the Sun. “My mum thinks I’m mad, but she’s coming round to the idea,” she said.

Her plans is to eventually sell her account and eBay and make some money. Players have been selling high level accounts on eBay for a while now. Accounts go from $200 to $500 and above. We really hope she doesn’t turn Pokemon Go account selling a profession as there will be a time when Pokemon Go craze is going to die-out.

Playing Pokemon Go in the streets is the ongoing trend in the community. We see players out in the night trying to “catch em all.”

It is best not to play this game at wee hours of the night as robbers are using this app to lure victims. Pokemon Go players have been robbed, stabbed, and have fallen off a cliff.

The game is now available on iOS and Android devices.


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