Tropico 6 Money Farming Guide – How to Earn Money Fast

In our Tropico 6 Money Farming Guide, we’ve outlined some of the best money farming methods that you can use in order to ear money fast.

Making money in Tropico 6 is very important for whatever island you’re playing as with money comes power and also the support of the citizens if you play your cards right. You’ll require that money for a lot of different reasons.

For example, to build up industries so that you can give the citizens employment and to set up houses and hospitals or prison to control the crime or to build up restaurants and grow crops so that you can provide the citizens with food all the time.

Tropico 6 Money Farming

You can apply to different methods to make money and revenue. All this will help the government in making the profit and they’ll become more powerful. There are different ways to make money in Tropico 6, these include:

Establishing Industries

You can set up industries for different goods. These industries will bring you more revenue and profit. The best include rum, cigars, gold, and a few others like these.

Whatever industries you set up make sure to give jobs to people with the right qualifications since only employing the citizens isn’t enough. If they don’t get the correct job they become angry.

Also, set up their houses near their jobs and public transport so they can easily reach to their jobs without trouble.

The industries that you set up should be perfectly planned since the map also counts and if it is not planned properly you can get into trouble later when you want to build other things.

The roads should be planned and so should be the industries since you cannot plant industries wherever you please.

Gold can be mined from Gold Mines and you can sell that for high prices. This gives you a lot of profit! Both boating and gold have no business with the era.

Both provide business at all times. However, boating requires many other resources that will make the business run.

Then there are industries that are to be set up in modern times and these require a lot of resources hence setting them up can come out as costly but later they do provide you with a lot of profit.

The industries include jewelry, weapon, car, and electronics with a few others.


After you have built industries, slowly you’ll start trading with different nations. This will actually happen slowly since you’ll be new to this and later.

Once you’ve trade enough with other nations, your prices will start to rise and you’ll start profiting on your goods.

Your trading depends on your relations with your citizens as well, so this is another reason to always provide your citizens with the best and not make them angry and fulfill the promises you make with them.

Signing agreements will increase the profit that you’ll earn on your goods.

Even if you’re not profiting that much in the early start on just trying to avoid losses as the exporting prices will be high. With that covered, you’ll be good to go. The best exporting goods are cars, weapons, gold and they make you high-profit deals.


The edicts that you’ll set up will extract money from the citizens and since you’re doing so much for them. The least they can do is pay taxes to boost your country’s economy. The money that you’ll get here will be transferred to the country’s treasury.

Since Faith plays a major role in the game, you can put a church fee for the churches that you have built for the citizens. This will damage your relations with the citizens but you will be earning money here.

Penal Colony will increase the income and immigration rate but again because of this will the rate of criminals increase but that can be controlled by building up police stations and prisons.

You can also build Taj Mahal. People who will be dying during construction will be leaving their money behind an inheritance that will again be making money for you and this will be going in the country’s treasury.

Other than this, the policies that you’ll set up like paid healthcare and a lot of others will also be playing a role for you in earning for the country and boosting the economy.


The infrastructure of your island nation is also very important like the houses you build or the industries you build. The banks you’ll be making and the offices you’ll be setting up.

Making and placing of all these are very important and so are the routes. The house that you’ll be building will be taking people out of their shack and will be putting them in houses that will earn you some money.

Other than this, you need to build these near their workplaces and public transportation since that will help them and make them happy.

The industries you’ll be building will be employing people and so will be the offices.

You need to set up banks that will earn you revenue and other building as newspaper and radio stations will bring people employment and you… revenue.

This will also be playing a role in their entertainment as so will be the TV building which will be turning their attention and anger from the low-quality houses you make them.

Yet so many more things will be making you money and boosting your economy like educating the citizens or making libraries and growing crops and feeding animals so that you can feed them to people and make more revenue out of it.

Sure, these’ll not be making you a lot of the money that you will be making through the things listed above but these small things play some role in bringing the money to your country.

All this money will help you in increasing the economy and will bring you to the world’s superpowers.

The things that you’ll be setting up will also be greatly depending on the era that you choose so choose it wisely and according to your playstyle though later you can change it, you’ll have to start it as new.