Reminder: Sony Trophy Pass Discontinues Today

Sony had a special PlayStation Rewards program a couple of years back where players could cash in their trophies -- achievements -- through the Trophy Pass.

Sony had a special PlayStation Rewards program a couple of years back where players could cash in their unlocked trophies through the Trophy Pass. Depending on the rarity of the trophies — silver, gold, and platinum — players were able to earn points that could be traded in for PlayStation Network credits. Those rewards, though, are now a thing of the past.

Sony actually discontinued the Trophy Pass last year, meaning that players have been unable to earn any points since then. However, those who signed up prior to the discontinuation date were given another year by Sony to continue earning points. That last deadline has now been reached. Hence, take due note that the Trophy Pass program has been completely and permanently discontinued for all players as of today.

You can read more about the terms and conditions, as well as about the discontinuation itself, from the official PlayStation Rewards website.

The Trophy Pass program has been discontinued. Sony Rewards members will not be able to unlock a new Trophy Pass after October 29, 2018. For Sony Rewards members that unlocked a Trophy Pass prior to October 29, 2018, you may continue earning Sony Rewards points through the Trophy Pass program until November 7, 2019, at which time the program will be permanently discontinued for all Sony Rewards members.

The PlayStation Rewards program was actually a wonderful incentive for players to keep putting in hours of gameplay and eventually become trophy hunters. Many players from the community were able to fund their minor gaming expenses. For example, unlocking ten platinum trophies was enough to net a $10 gift card, or unlocking over a dozen gold trophies to extend the PlayStation Plus subscription by another month.

Sony never explained why it decided to discontinue the PlayStation Rewards and Trophy Pass program. The discontinuation, though, has taken place just when the next-generation consoles are about to arrive. Sony did mention that there will be a new “pass experience” coming soon as a replacement. It’s possible that the company has something new up its sleeve for the inbound PlayStation 5 and all next-generation-related services.

As for PlayStation 5, the new PlayStation successor will launch during the holiday season of 2020. Sony hasn’t revealed a price tag yet, forcing many analysts and users alike to speculate a price point between $450 and $500. Anything over could be concerning. $400 is probably the sweet spot, but it all depends if Sony is willing to take a cut in order to penetrate the market.

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