Should You Surrender Roland (Chapter 7) In Triangle Strategy

Triangle Strategy will often force players to make a crucial decision that will have an impact on the unraveling narrative. The following guide will explain if players should surrender Roland in Chapter 7 of Triangle Strategy or not. We will also explain how to persuade the citizens to vote with you.

Should You Surrender Roland (Chapter 7) in Triangle Strategy

Triangle Strategy’s Chapter 7 is all about tactics. You won’t have to fight enemies here, but you will have to fight amongst yourselves.

You’ll come upon a tough scenario of deciding whether you should hand over Roland, Cordelia’s brother, to Gustadolph or protect him at all costs.

The situation may appear straightforward because you only have two options, but there is a lot riding on this single decision. Your decision will decide the course of the game ahead.

In the storyline of Castle Wolffort, you have two choices: hand over Prince Roland or be destroyed by General Avlora and her forces.

To resolve this perplexing scenario, you must vote, and the outcome of your vote will determine the course of events. It’s worth noting that this vote has two outcomes:

  • Protect Roland and stand up to General Avlora and Aesfrost.
  • Surrender Roland and deliver him to the Aesfrosti.

Prior to voting, speak with the Concierge at the door, and then explore the Wolffort Streets for important information and useful items.

In this section, we have included all of the information you can obtain, as well as the useful items available along the way.

How to Persuade People to Protect Roland

If you have made up your mind of protecting Roland, you’ll need a high Morality Score because protecting him is a moral decision.

You’ll also need to persuade either Anna, Roland, Benedict, or Geela. If you can’t persuade all of them, you’ll have to persuade Anna at the very least.

As far as the rest of the people are concerned, they will all support the decision to protect Roland.

How to Persuade People to Surrender Roland

If you want to surrender Roland, you must persuade all characters, including Roland himself. Since this is a Utility option, you will have a better chance here if you have a high Utility score.

Once you’ve persuaded the people, a vote will be held, and your fate will be decided.

It is important to note here that if you give up Roland, you will only lose him temporarily. However, you can fight to keep him. If you wish to stay on track, you must drive Avlova out of the demesne without causing any casualties.

If you don’t give up Roland and have other plans then you must defeat Avlora and her three-wave army while avoiding the traps.

You are free to make whatever decisions you want based on the information provided. However, keep in mind that you will have to live with the consequences of your choices.

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