Trials Rising Secret Squirrel Locations Guide

Riddled throughout the various races, often in impossible spots, are Squirrel Statues. These are collectibles, which upon collection, award you with XP, Coins, and other rewards. Read down below to find out about the locations for Secret Squirrels in Trials Rising.

Trials Rising Secret Squirrel Statue Locations

Among other intricately hidden collectibles, Squirrel Statues are one of them. These will often prompt you to look in locations you probably will not on your first playthrough.

If you do manage to find them, you will be awarded a set amount of XP, Acorns (the in-game currency) and Squirrel Gear.

You only need to make contact with the statues in order to acquire them, so you do not even have to be on the bike while doing so.

Additionally, you are not required to complete that particular track so you can just replay a track to the point where you can collect the Squirrel Statue. The rewards breakdown is as follows:

  • 1 Squirrel: 100XP and 5 Acorns
  • 3 Squirrels: 300XP and 5 Acorns
  • 8 Squirrels: 700XP, 10 Acorns, Squirrel Gloves
  • 15 Squirrels: 1,000XP and 15 Acorns

Collecting all Squirrel Statues will also earn you the “Squirrel Man” trophy/achievement. Here are the directions you will need to follow to get to each of the locations of the collectible.

Braking Bad
Spawning on the roof a shack at checkpoint 6, go in reverse to collect the Squirrel that lies inside the shack.

Happy Camper
At checkpoint 9 on the bridge, jump over to next gap. Now descend to move under the bridge. Here, drive forth to roll over a campfire to collect the Squirrel.

Mix and the City
At checkpoint 7, you will need to move to the ramp right ahead and then halt before the gap that leads you to the road. When roughly a minute has passed on the timer, a yellow truck will appear so drop down and are crushed by this.

This will allow you to collect the Squirrel that is mounted on the front of the vehicle.

Yellowstone Caldera
After checkpoint 7, lean off the edge of the ramp to fall down to another one. Now, accelerate towards the geyser and maneuver your bike so that you bail into the hot air balloon and through the basket for the Squirrel.

Canyon Crash
In the very beginning, drop down to the first ramp and then wait for an eagle to fly past by carrying the Squirrel. The time you will need to wait for will be roughly half a minute. Move to the edge of the ramp and then bail out to catch the Squirrel.

Lights, Camera, Action!
After checkpoint 7, ascend the ramp and then drop to the shorter one below. Here drive through the wooden door and into the green screen track where you will be able to collect the Squirrel.

Lumbering On
After checkpoint 8, move up the ramp to the roof to stop just before the train. Edge off onto the track below and then roll back for the Squirrel inside the warehouse.

Hard Hat Zone
At the beginning of the track, edge off the first platform and then roll back into a pipe containing the Squirrel.

True Scotsman
After checkpoint 4 descend to the ramp to edge, off onto the one below beside the wooden block. This is where the Squirrel collectible can be found.

El Tomate
After checkpoint 12, take a reverse on the ramp to hit the explosive barrels granting you access into the building. Here the Squirrel is found atop a pile of tomatoes.

Lynx World
After checkpoint 15, move up the ramp to launch yourself. Bailout exactly at the moment you are launched to land onto a platform where you will need to get underneath. This secret room is where the Squirrel is located in.

Tilting At Windmills
At checkpoint 4, move up the ramp all the way to the top just before the windmill blades. Here use the launcher to collect the Squirrel floating near the blades of the windmill.

Medieval Flair
Towards the beginning of the level, hang over to the edge of the ramp and drop down onto the bridge below. Reverse and collect the Squirrel.

Below Bucharest
After checkpoint 8, accelerate as hard as you can to move up the ramp that ends in a signboard. Bail out right at the maximum height and lean forward to slide into the chute above the sewer entrance.

This chute will take you to the secret area that has the Squirrel collectible.

Nyet Problem
After passing checkpoint 1, set yourself on fire with a missile marked X. Quickly, make your way across the track, past checkpoint 5 while still on fire, to land on a red pipe also marked with an X.

This will allow you to propel high into the skies while you grab the Squirrel.

The Flying Finn
At the beginning of the track, roll backward and bailout backward to move through the wooden pallet. Use the bumper buttons to move along and roll down the cliff to find the Squirrel near a campfire.

Beach Bum
Just as the race starts to move backward and try to bail backward over the fence/wall. It may prove difficult but a few tries might do the job. Once you go over the fence you might see a squirrel with some monkeys.

Grave of Giants
After reaching the 6th checkpoint go full speed up the ramp and bailout straight up to cling to the wrecking ball.

It will go down a pipe you have to follow the path of wind by the fans to the right till you reach another pipe when you come out of it you find a squirrel watching.

Balloons Over Bagan
After reaching the first checkpoint or the first air balloon trying to land in the basket podium of the air balloon. After that stay in it until the end and when you see a red and black balloon down below jump on it and grab the squirrel.

Ship It!
Upon reaching checkpoint 6 drive onto the crate and stick on top of it until it activates a lift. Go back down the ramp to turn on a switch, this will enable the crate up ahead to open the ride to it and grab the squirrel.

Chinese Cliffs
When you reach checkpoint 7 drive gently into the fire till your front wheel catches fire. Then go back towards the explosives this will ignite a fuse and the explosives.

Now you can drop down to the newly formed rocky ledge here you can grab the squirrel.

Thousand-Cloud Village
After reaching the 13th checkpoint you will notice a big bell in front of you bail out and grab the bell after that swing the bell in a to and fro motion to ring the bell three times after that complete the trail normally and you can grab the squirrel at the end of the trail.

Spirit of the Mountain
Head to the checkpoint 5 after that try to get ahead of the rolling boulder and try to slow down. Then jump slowly so that you can reach the lower level of the original path then dive into the water then boost yourself in the water.

Get to the end by avoiding the mines then you will reach a temple where you can grab the squirrel in the cage.

Wheels of Steel
Just as you reach the 11th checkpoint, bailout at the top of the ramp grab onto the chain/hook hanging down.

Keep hanging to it as you reach the top the swing to move towards the next chain/hook and then the next until you come to the squirrel then you can grab it.

Ruined Run
At checkpoint 5, take the elevator up and as soon as it begins to ascend, hop off of it and onto the lower area below. Here you can find the Squirrel collectible.

Firebase Faceplant
Riding your bike over and to the other side of the container after checkpoint 7, you’ll see the backdoor open. Now, you can take a reverse to collect the collectible within the container.

Siberian Express
After checkpoint 13, just as you’re about to make it to the finish line, bail out so to get a boost and move in between the two containers. Here, between the shipping crates, you will find the collectible.

A Pretty Good Wall
This challenge for the collectible involves 3 pressure plates to be interacted with. Each of these will trigger a fireworks sequence and getting all three will allow you access to the location holding the Squirrel collectible.

The first one is situated at checkpoint 2 where you’d have to ride up the ramp and then bailout while taking a reverse to move to the lower ramp and trigger the fireworks.

The second one works similarly where after reaching checkpoint 5, you’ll need to bail out while going back to reach the top of the lower ramp and trigger the pressure plates.

The last one can be accessed after reaching checkpoint 12. Drive backward and off the cliff’s side so to hop onto a ledge where the pressure plates are located.

After triggering this final set of fireworks, bailout just as you reach the finish line so to move ahead and end up in a house where the Squirrel collectible is located.

Vietnam Vaults
After checkpoint 3, drive forward and then wait for some explosions to occur creating a new passage behind you. Now take a reverse and continue backward without coming in contact with the barrels to grab the collectible.

Angkor What?
After crossing checkpoint 13, accelerate up the ramp and then bail out.

During this animation, hold the “up” directional key on the left stick of the controller so that you move into the background and get access to a hidden area where the collectible is located.

Siberian Skies
At the beginning of the track, take a reverse to hit a button on the wall. Now continue as you will, without faulting even once on the track. At checkpoint 4, you’ll notice a hatch on the ground which you can enter to collect the Squirrel collectible.

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