Trials of Mana Zehnoa Boss Guide

Zehnoa is quite a deadly and frustrating boss to deal with in Trials of Mana, however our guide should make this fight easier to handle

Defeating Zehnoa boss is a really difficult task due the madness in the area. Shapeshifters are being summoned, Traps are being created, Fire Balls are being thrown. So many abilities possessed by Trials of Mana Zehnoa Boss.

In this Zehnoa Boss fight guide, we have given the most recommended strategy for defeating Zehnoa while staying out of harm’s way.

Trials of Mana Zehnoa Boss

The hardest part about the Zehnoa fight is that you can’t focus on the boss because of the shapeshifters it spits out.

These Shapeshifters have the ability to regain their health after changing forms and can possess the attack strength and elemental attributes of the form they’ve changed into, making them a dangerous competitor.

Other than that, as mentioned before Zehnoa is capable of using Level 1 and Level 2 Trap magic where few arrows rise from the ground and damage your character.

In order to keep your health to normal, you must continue hitting the Boss Zehnoa rather than wasting your time on the Shapeshifters because this is why you braught backup.

Your allies will take care of the enemies while you’re using your energy on the Boss.

Zehnoa’s health decreases really slow so you’ll have to use everything you’ve got including the Phenomenal Fist, Abyssal Slice, Holy Bolt and Double Slash.

Make sure not to get too close to the boss as it throws a fireball straight at you.

If not then it repels you away from it causing a decrease in your HP. As for the Traps, they pop out from the yellow boxes so you’ll have an indication as to where to move when they pop out.

Once you’ve lowered half of its health then the Boss releases the Dissolving wave.

If you’re standing on it then you’re going to drop your health to the lowest so at this point, you should keep using Healing Light to keep you alive.

Keep striking the Boss and let your allies fight the rest of the enemies and you’ll end up defeating the Zehnoa boss.

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