Trials of Mana Mimiqueen Boss Guide

Mimiqueen is a chest with fangs in Trials of Mana which is ready to eat you up from where it stands. As threatening as this big guy looks, he isn’t that hard; primarily because of zero to no mobility as we will show in our Trials of Mana Mimiqueen Boss guide..

The poor sod can be killed pretty easily if you just walk around him and keep attacking. However, if you do end up getting hit by any of its attacks; you risk getting downed and taking a considerable hit to your health pool.

Trials of Mana Mimiqueen Boss

Mimiqueen is a pretty immobile chest that will stomp around in hopes of dealing damage to you and your party.

Its attacks are mostly AoE based and he will not at any point be able to attack instantly. There is a brief charge-up time to all his attacks.

Compared to other bosses’ unique and versatile moveset, Mimiqueen’s moves are more or fewer repetitions of previous bosses, and even then, the poor chest doesn’t have a lot in its moveset.

The entire fight is pretty gimmicky and should be relatively easy to deal with.

Due to his immobility on the battlefield, you can easily circumvent it and attack while its channeling its energy to perform different attacks.

Laser Beam
Targeted in one line marked by a red lane, Mimiqueen will charge up its laser as it unleashes it in a straight line, damaging everyone in a narrow path.

Rock Slide
Mimiqueen will shake the cave around you as it brings down rocks upon your team. Keep moving to avoid getting hit.

Lightning and Flame Hurricanes
Mimiqueen will often summon small-scale hurricanes around the area to disorient you. These are marked by small red circles around the area.

Try not stand in them; they don’t do too much damage, but eventually too much of them is going to start wearing on you.

Flame Burst
A large red circle will appear around Mimiqueen; quickly get out of its explosive radius. The time it takes for the attack to charge up isn’t that fast, so you shouldn’t have much trouble walking out of it.

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