Trials of Mana Best Angela Classes Guide

Angela is a powerful spellcaster in Trials of Mana and in this guide we have compiled the best classes you can choose for her

Angela is the most powerful spellcaster in Trials of Mana. She may not have very strong physical attacks, but she more than compensates for it with her magical prowess as we will demonstrate with these Trials of Mana Best Angela Classes.

Angela can progress through several different classes, with each one changing her stats in a unique way. In this guide, we’ve compiled a list of all the classes Angela can change through; and how they actually affect her.

Trials of Mana Best Angela Classes

If you choose to use Angela in the game, you’ll have to pick any one of her final 4 classes to pursue. One of these 4 classes for Angela is the definitive winner and after you read this guide, you’ll surely agree.

Magician – Starting Class

New Spells

  • Holy Ball (2 MP): Delivers Holy elemental damage.
  • Gem Missile (2 MP): Delivers Earth elemental damage.
  • Air Blast (2 MP): Delivers Wind/Thunder elemental damage.
  • Evil Gate (2 MP): Delivers Dark elemental damage.
  • Ice Smash (2 MP): Delivers Ice/Water elemental damage.
  • Fireball (2 MP): Delivers Fire elemental damage.


  • STR: 8
  • DEX: 8
  • CON: 8
  • INT: 21
  • PIE: 11
  • LUC: 10

Tech: Double Attack

Magician is Angela’s default starting class and it gives her quite a few magic spells straight off the bat. Since these are the starting spells, they obviously won’t do much damage but they make up for it with their other benefits.

With these spells, Angela can damage several enemies at once. She can even deal damage to enemies which are beyond physical attack range.

Sorceress (Light)

New Spells

  • Saint Beam (5 MP): Delivers Heavy Holy elemental damage.
  • Earthquake (4 MP): Delivers Heavy Earth elemental damage.
  • Thunderstorm (4 MP): Delivers Heavy Wind/Thunder elemental damage.
  • Mega Splash (4 MP): Delivers Heavy Ice/Water elemental damage.
  • Explode (4 MP): Delivers Heavy Fire elemental damage.


  • STR: 14
  • DEX: 14
  • CON: 14
  • INT: 17
  • PIE: 17
  • LUC: 14

For the first class change, ‘Sorceress’ is the Light Side class. With Sorceress, you’ll learn every single level 2 elemental spell. This is a decent bonus, but don’t get too excited over it.

The Dark Side class may not get the level 2 spells, but it gains increased magic power; making its level 1 spells pretty much just as strong as Sorceress’ level 2 spells, and they even cost less MP.

Furthermore, all of these new spells only affect a single target. So, the Sorceress falls short compared to Delvar.

The Special Abilities include the following two:

  • Locked Ability: Magic Burst in which damage from Magic icreases by 15% when MP is at 100%
  • Class Strike: Love Typhone, a magical heart appears and explodes damaging the enemy

Delvar (Dark)

New Spells

Dark Force (5 MP): Delivers Heavy Dark elemental damage.


  • STR: 13
  • DEX: 13
  • CON: 14
  • INT: 18
  • PIE: 16
  • LUC: 13

Tech: Star Attack (Single Target)

Delvar will be the Dark Side option when you reach your first class change. This class grants you much greater magic power, but only a single level 2 spell.

However, because of the damage boost, these level 1 spells become just as strong as the level 2 ones, at a much lower MP cost.

The Dark Force spell is stronger than any level 2 spell of the Sorceress class and it can even ignore barriers like Counter Magic, making your fight much easier with two of the eight God Beasts.

Another cherry on top is that the intelligence of the Delvar class grows a bit faster the that of the Sorceress class. Overall, Delvar should be the one you choose for your first class change.

The Light/Light and Light/Dark classes are pretty much exactly the same, but the new spell they bring is different.

It pretty much just comes down to which new spell you prefer out of the two.

When you choose your second class change, all the spells in the previous spells will become Multi-Target instead of Single Target.

The Special Abilities include the following two:

  • Locked Ability: Wrath where Attack and Magic defense increases if the ally faints.
  • Class Strike: Pummel Star, a magical star appears and is bombarded on the enemy dealing damage

Grand Devina (Light/Light)

New Spells

  • Double Spell (9 MP): Delivers very heavy non-elemental damage. Multi-Target.


  • STR: 17
  • DEX: 17
  • CON: 18
  • INT: 21
  • PIE: 19
  • LUC: 16

Tech: Spiral Rod (Single Target)

The main difference between Grand Devina and Arch Mage is the spell and the fact that Grand Devina gets one more intelligence point than Arch Mage.

Arch-Mage (Light/Dark)

New Spells

  • Rainbow (10 MP): Delivers very heavy non-elemental damage. Multi Target.


  • STR: 16
  • DEX: 16
  • CON: 18
  • INT: 20
  • PIE: 20
  • LUC: 17

Tech: Dancing Rod (Single Target)

Pretty much exactly the same as Grand Devina, but with a different spell.

The Special Abilities Include the following two:

  • Locked Ability: Desperation where 40% of MP is recovered when HP drops below 10%
  • Class Strike: Dancing Wand, a wand flies around magically and damages the enemies

Rune Master (Dark/Light)

New Spells

  • Stone Cloud (7 MP): Delivers very heavy Earth elemental damage and can inflict petrification.
  • Stun Wind (7 MP): Delivers very heavy Wind elemental damage and can silence the target.
  • Cold Breeze (7 MP): Delivers very heavy Ice elemental damage and morphs the target into a snowman.
  • Blaze Wall (7 MP): Delivers very heavy Fire elemental damage.
  • Death Spell (8 MP): Delivers 999 damage to the target if they are on the same or on a lower level than Angela.


  • STR: 15
  • DEX: 15
  • CON: 18
  • INT: 21
  • PIE: 19
  • LUC: 16

Tech: 10t (Single Target)

Rune Master is arguably the best choice here as it unlocks all level 3 elemental spells. This gives you a lot more damage and even gives the enemies detrimental status effects.

The Stone Cloud spell is an extremely powerful one. It can one-shot most low-level monsters in the game.

Death Spell is another super-strong spell that does 999 damage to any enemy with the same or lower level than Angela. If you get up to level 52, this will work wonders.

The only real downside of this class is that all of the new spells are single target, and they cost quite a bit of MP. It also requires the Book of Rune.

The Special Abilities Include the following two:

  • Locked Ability: Guardian Runes where Status effect resistance is increased by 30%
  • Class Strike: Ton Shatter, 10 ton weight falls damaging the enemies in the area.

Magus (Dark/Dark)

New Spells

  • Earthquake (4 MP): N/A
  • Thunderstorm (4 MP): N/A
  • Mega Splash (4 MP): N/A
  • Explode (4 MP): N/A
  • Ancient (12 MP): Delivers extreme non-elemental multi-target damage


  • STR: 16
  • DEX: 16
  • CON: 18
  • INT: 22
  • PIE: 18
  • LUC: 15

Tech: Hot Shot (Single Target)

If you choose the Magus class, you’ll unlock all the level 2 spells. The biggest benefit of this class is that it has the highest intelligence out of all of them. Do note that this class requires the Forbidden Book.

Magus works very well with boss fights since all but one of the level 2 spells of this class are Single Target only.

The Ancient spell is probably her best one, as it’s a powerful room clear option; though, it does cost a ton of MP.

Overall, it’s a solid class but doesn’t quite match up to the strength of Rune Master.

The Special Abilities Include the following two:

  • Locked Ability: Soul Hunt where magic attack increases by 20% for 30 seconds if all allies faint.
  • Class Strike: Hotshot, magical bullet are fired from the wand and attack the enemies.