Black Ops 4 Patch Adds Two New Skins for $20 or 15 Hours of Grind

Another new update has arrived in Black Ops 4 which brings a variety of new content for purchase through the in-game Black Market. We were pretty happy that there are no loot boxes in this new Black Ops 4 but it looks like Treyarch is changing its approach by selling two gun skins for just $20 or you can grind for 15 hours for them.

This all-new Black Market system was added in Black Ops 4 after some time in the game. This Black Market allows the players to purchase desired cosmetics to stand out from others in the game. The latest patch in Black Ops 4 brings a pack called Fall Firearms pack which consists of two weapon skins along with some calling cards and tags.

Now, this all new Fall Firearms pack in Black Ops 4 is going to cost you 2,000 COD points which is $20 in real money. Now that’s too much and sadly, spending $20 on it will only give you access to these new two skins and for the remaining content, you will have to grind for it by leveling up through the tier system.

To level up, you have to go through tiers and by completing challenges which will take very long if you are not someone who plays a lot of Call of Duty every day. You will have to grind your way through 15 more tier levels to get the second skin. Now that means you will have to play at least 15 hours to complete all of these challenges to receive the second gun you paid for. Now if that’s not something you want to do, you can spend $1 (100 COD Points) each time to bypass a tier and will take you $15 to bypass all of them.

Now the community has discovered this and almost everyone is pretty disappointed on Reddit. No loot boxes in Black Ops 4 is definitely a good thing but these microtransactions in Black Ops 4 are surely a good way to make some money for Treyarch. At this point, everyone believes that Treyarch is greedy so we hope that they realize how absurd this all really is and try to prevent it as much as they can.

Now, this all comes right after we found out that Black Ops 4 was the best selling game in North America for the month of October by also beating the insanely popular Red Dead Redemption 2 which consists of a very lengthy story mode unlike Black Ops 4 which is an online-only multiplayer game.

Now not only that, Black Ops 4 is now also the most selling game of the year leaving behind big games like RDR 2. Also, the launch sales of Black Ops 4 are the eighth highest since NPD group began tracking the sales of games back in 1995.

Black Ops 4 being the best selling game on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One is definitely a big record for Treyarch. Now with all this success, we don’t think that Treyarch needs to bring such big microtransactions in Black Ops 4 through Black Market.

New Black Ops 4 patch is now available on Xbox One and PS4. It’s a big patch and weighs around 10 GB on both consoles. This latest Black Ops 4 patch also fixes some major crash issues of the game along with tweaks to scorestreaks and adds a new TDM playlist.

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