Iron Brigade Boss Guide

Defeat all the bosses in Iron Brigade, previously known as Trenched, tower defense hybird and third person shooter with this guide

Iron Brigade/Trenched is a hybrid tower defense and third-person shooter game, set in an alternate reality after World War I, where the player controls units from “The Mobile Trench Brigade” to fight the evil robotic specifies called the Monovision. Below are all the Iron Brigade Boss encounters you will have to look forward to in the game.

Iron Brigade Boss

In a journey across several continents, you will be using your mech-style robots with customized weapons and armors to defeat the evil robot bosses controlling the Monovision. If you are facing any difficulty defeating these bosses, you can read our tips, and save the Earth once and for all.

Guardian of the Southern Terminal
You will encounter this boss at the end of the Africa act in the mission Sphinx. You need to defeat this boss with 2 or more players in order to get African Allies Achievement.

Put two or three emplacements around yourself to watch your back as you attack the boss. Every attack will damage the boss and decrease its health but like all bosses in Trenched, it has three health bars you need a drain.

Once you completely destroy a health bar, it will retreat for a short period, and send Monovisions to attack you. You can beat this boss easily with Artillery or Snipers which inflict massive damage. Though you can defeat this boss solo, but to earn the achievement you are required to defeat it with 2 or 3 players in co-op.

Northern Pylon
You will find this boss at the end of the Europe act in the mission Pylon. You need to defeat this boss in coop if you want to earn the achievement European Entourage.

This is again a simple boss fight, you need to damage the boss and drain its health. Follow the standard strategy, place two or three emplacements down around yourself and watch your back as you attack the boss.

Pylon also has three health bars, once you have drained a health bar, it will retreat like the previous boss and send few Monovision variants to attack you. But unlike the previous boss fight, Pylon covers itself with a shield that protects it when you have reached its second health bar.

When it has a protective shield around its body, your best shot to damage it are its legs. So damage its legs using Artillery or Snipers completely drain all its health bars and defeat it. If you want to earn the achievement, you need to defeat the boss with more than one player in coop.

You will find Vlad at the end of the Pacific act in the mission Farnsworth. You need to defeat Vlad with 2 or more players if you want to earn Pacific Partnership achievement.

This boss fight is different compared to what you have come across previously. You can only damage this boss by attacking its weaknesses around its body. When they turn orange, attack the spot, and the boss will take damage.

Again, make sure you have two or three emplacements around yourself to watch your back as you attack the boss. It also has three health bars, and it will do the same when first health bar has been drained.

If you have the turrets placed to help you, keep a good look for roving groups of Knobs as they will destroy them. Once you have destroyed the first weakness of its head, it will reveal three more for you. Once you have destroyed these three, it will again raise itself to reveal the final four weaknesses.

Destroy the final four weaknesses by employing any weapon that inflicts massive damage and you will easily defeat this boss. If you want to earn an achievement, do this with your friend in co-op.

This class of bosses was introduced in Rise of Martian Bear Expansion and it is considered a Large Scale or Champion Monovision. This expansion is the biggest and most powerful expansion that eclipses the Big Willie.

This Mono has only one objective; it goes for the Emplacements and destroys them using a strong energy burst. In case of absence of emplacements, it will charge into battle and try to attack the objective.

In spite of being very tall, Amplifiers cannot damage emplace which are put on top of several scenery or the camouflaged ones. Despite being big these monos can be rendered useless by using a minelayer. Emplacements set in places where you cannot walk, cannot be destroyed by them but they will keep trying to destroy them. As heavy emplacements do more damage so they try to damage those first.

The last Champion Monovision Creature that you encounter in the core game of Iron Brigade is Arty. It has a long range artillery canon which is energy based. They are not as durable as the other Champion Tubes but they can do a lot of damage of they are able to take the shot which is why targeting them is a priority.

is the last of the Champion Monovision Creatures encountered in the core game of Iron Brigade. Based on the same chassis as the Big Willie and Bertha, the Arty constitutes a very different threat – unlike the other large-scale Tubes, the Arty is a dedicated long-range attacker, armed with an energy-based Artillery Cannon.

You will get a lot of scrap after destroying them and this is how you can do it. In order to take them out you have to use a bit more oomph than Big Willie or Bertha because they can target you using their long range weapons. You have to find a line of sight towards them and move slowly and then fire repeatedly until they are killed. If you don’t take them out and they stay within range of attacking, it can be a big problem for your objectives.

Emplacements are not very efficient against them but you can use Minelayers, Dampening Generators, and Sniper Turrets after placing them correctly to take these monos out. The best way to take them out is by using raw firepower. Use your heaviest weapons such asSniper Cannons and Artillery Cannons to take them out from a long range and at close range, Broadcasters and groups of Machine Guns would prove to be the best for you.

Bertha targets on objectives as well while having less effective close combat abilities. Bertha produces swarms of Knobs in order to provide further defense for itself. It is slow like other monos and you can use dampening generators to make it even slower. The knob swarms will also be slowed down so you would be able to take them out using Mobile Trench Brigade pilots.

The swarms of knobs bertha produces can also be used to damage it as well, as they explode when you fire on them. Bertha is stationary while producing them so you can use a Machine Gun with Piercing or Ricochet along with the Deathsplosion ability to damage it while the knobs are under Bertha.

You can use minelayers where Bertha stops to produce knob swarms to do a lot of damage. In summary use maximum firepower to take Bertha out like any other champion.

Big Willie
Big Willies are obviously big which is why a lot of damage can be done and received by them. They are capable of destroying emplacements by stepping over them. They are slow but very durable and have a high attack power which makes them dangerous. They are not very tactical or subtle. They will just charge towards the objective and take it out while trampling any emplacement that comes in their way. They do a lot of damage which is why it is necessary to take them out first.

Also, you also don’t need any tricks to take out these giants; simple power would do the job and you would need a lot of it. To take them out, use multiple Emplacements and heavy fire on them from a Mobile trench. You can also use Minelayers which would be very helpful.

You must prioritize the Willies as they can do more damage. They can be accompanied by Jacobs which are faster and can be a bit more trouble so take them out first but then focus on the big Willie. Just a side note, big willies cannot destroy camouflaged emplacements.

Volt dropper
These are also large Monovisions, not big Willie large but still large and they can fly and bomb the objective. They can be taken down by Flak Emplacements, sniper weapons and Lasers and when you do they will drop large amounts of Scrap and also a Loot Box. The Loot Box is mostly within your reach but most the other scrap is scattered and further away.

They can be a big threat because of their high speed, damage and range. The best defense would be to attack those using Sniper Turrets because of their large range and damage

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