How to Transfer Games from Xbox One to Xbox Series X|S

In this guide, we will explain How to Transfer Games and Data from Xbox One to Xbox Series X/S and all the steps involved in the process.

Previous Xbox generations did not allow data or games to be carried over, but due to the infrastructure of the Xbox One and the new Xbox Series X/S being similar, you can carry all of your precious data and games with you as you jump to the next generation.

How to Transfer Games from Xbox One to Xbox Series X|S

This time around, you have many different options to carry your data and games with you without any hassle.

The first step is to decide what games and data do you really want to take with you as the new Xbox Series X/S uses a very expensive NVME SSD that would cost you a lot to expand.

So, use your space wisely!

Now that you’ve filtered out your games and data, there are a few ways to do this, and we will go over all of them.

Transferring Data and Games via an External HDD or SSD

You can use any external HDD, SSD, or USB to port over all of your games to the new Xbox Series X/S

  • Fill up your External Storage media with games that you want to transfer.
  • Turn off your Xbox One and Unplug the storage device.
  • Connect the storage to the Xbox Series X/S
  • Turn it on
  • Wait for it to detect the external storage, which can take a minute or two.
  • Once the drive is detected, you can copy anything you want to the Xbox Series X/S

Transferring Data and Games via Network Transfer

If both of your Xbox devices are on the same network, you can use the Network Transfer option to copy games and data between the two devices.

This is much faster than redownloading the game or transferring it via External Storage.

  • Turn on the Xbox One and press the Xbox button on your controller
  • Go to Profile & System
  • Under the Settings tab, Select System
  • Select Backup & Transfer
  • Select Allow Transfer
  • Leave the Xbox One in this state
  • Turn on the Xbox Series X/S
  • Navigate to Backup & Transfer
  • Your Xbox One should be listed under the Local Consoles
  • Select the games you want to copy and select the Copy Selected option
  • Make sure that the Series X/S console has enough space to accommodate that game
  • Select Copy

Your games and their data will now be copied to your new console.

Cloud Storage

Xbox has a very refined Cloud Storage Ecosystem. Once your games have been copied to the new console, the cloud sync will copy all of your settings from the Xbox One to the new console.

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