Trailer for Rise of the Tomb Raider’s Baba Yaga DLC Revealed

As promised, the Game Awards pre-show featured a preview of the new Rise of the Tomb Raider DLC. A trailer was shown for Baba Yaga which was suitably creepy looking.

In the trailer we see Lara enter the territory of the legendary Russian witch, and seemingly be does with some kind of drug. From there she takes on the witch’s troops and a few creatures that appear to be monster like.

Obviously the gas that Lara has been infected with is making her have hallucinations, which also appears to lead her into an encounter with her father. As we know that he is dead we know that this can’t be real, unless of course his death was faked.

What we didn’t get to see was just who Baba Yaga is and what she looks like. I’m sure she’ll be saved until we buy the DLC and actually play it for ourselves, and as this is an Xbox Only release until next year, we know where people will be playing it first.

Looking at the trailer it does look like another reason to play the game, and it will be interesting to see how gamers feel about it. With the release being on Xbox only the release has been hindered somewhat, and I’m not sure how much of a success it has actually managed to be.

Whether this DLC will bring the game more success will be something we’ll have to watch for. I’m sure PlayStation 4 people will hope for the DLC to be included with the game next year when they finally get to play it.

What are your thoughts on the Baba Yaga DLC? Does it look interesting? Let us know your thoughts below.

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