Tower Of Fantasy Gift Codes

Tower of Fantasy has gift codes that you can redeem for random loot.

These gift codes are the same as the Shift codes from the Borderlands franchise. Hence, you can expect the developers to share new gift codes for Tower of Fantasy players from time to time.

The following guide will look to list all available Tower of Fantasy gift codes. Be quick to redeem them because they come with an expiry date.

All Active Tower Of Fantasy Gift Codes

  • TOF666
  • TOF888
  • TOF0811TOF (rewards 1x Gold Nucleus)

How To Redeem Gift Codes

Every gift code can only be redeemed once in Tower of Fantasy. They also come with a fixed expiry date. You need to hence quickly redeem any gift code available for that bonus loot in the game.

All you have to do is first go through the full tutorial with Shirli and once you are done with it, look for an icon that looks like a gift box. It will be located in the top right corner and is known as the Gift Box. Open it and then click on the rewards tab. Now click on Exchange and enter one of the active codes listed above.

How To Get Gift Codes

Tower of Fantasy has been criticized for placing a large focus on loot boxes. You, however, cannot purchase gift codes. The only way to get gift codes is to follow the social media accounts of Tower of Fantasy and its developers. They will share new gift codes from time to time.

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