Tower of Fantasy best weapons

Tower of Fantasy features a visually appealing take on the classic hack-and-slash formula with a wide range of unique characters to pick from, each having unique abilities and weapons.

These unique characters are known as “Simulacrum”. They can be unlocked by pulling drops (loot box mechanics) with each Simulacrum having a corresponding drop rate.

In this guide, we will tell you about the best weapons in the Tower of Fantasy along with their respective Simulacrum that wields the said weapon.

The best weapons to get in Tower of Fantasy

Following is the list of the best weapons in Tower of Fantasy, these are not in any particular but are simply the best weapons in our opinion. Each of them has a particular specialty that they are very good at (like PvP, PvE, or Boss battles).

Dual EM Stars

This weapon is wielded by Samir, a DPS character who can dish out massive amounts of damage in a short period.

Dual EM Stars are guns that provide players with ranged attacks having Volt-affinity. This means each successive attack deals more damage than the previous one.

This Simulacrum is one of the best for PvE as her weapons make quick work of large hordes of enemies while keeping them at bay.

Rosy Edge

This a large sword that belongs to Meryl, who is required as the best Simulacrum for PvP.

Rosy Edge gives players the ability to erect a Frost Barrier that slows down the enemy and disables their dodges and jumps turning them into sitting ducks.

While your enemies are unable to move, you have plenty of time to slash them up using Rosy Edge. This makes Meryl almost unbeatable in PvP scenarios.

Scythe of the Crow

This weapon is a giant Scythe that belongs to a Simulacrum named King. His scythe allows you to deal with unparalleled amounts of A.O.E damage with large swings while also having a shatter-affinity. This affinity deals extra damage against enemy shields.

When an enemy’s shield breaks, Scythe of the Crow also deals burn damage making it an ideal weapon for boss battles as bosses have multiple shields that King can easily break through.

King is mainly focused on melee attacks with massive hitboxes. He can heal after killing a horde of enemies by using his awakening, making him one of the most survivable Simulacrum.


Venus is a set of levitating electrodes that allows Nemesis to heal her allies while also using offensive skills like a laser beam that deals massive damage.

These electrodes can make a healing field that heals all the allies who are in it. With these abilities, Nemesis is regarded as one of the best healing Simulacrums in-game.

Venus’s healing abilities along with ranged attacks are unparalleled but unfortunately, Nemesis has a low drop rate so unlocking her might require some grinding.


These are a set of electrocuting blades that are used by Crow. He is a DPS Simulacrum who can fight multiple opponents using a fast-paced flurry of slashes. He also can backstab his enemies to deal unreal amounts of damage due to Thunderblade’s volt affinity.

His only weakness is that his awakening only works when you are not in a team. Other than that Crow is a perfect Simulacrum for you if you like to get up close and personal with your enemies.

Molten Shield V2

This is a giant halberd wielded by Huma. This weapon not only has a fire affinity but also a shatter affinity.

Huma can conjure massive fire pits that deal massive amounts of burn damage making her one of the best Simulacrums for crowd control.

While Molten Shield’s shatter affinity helps her disable enemy shields. This weapon is a blast to use.

Chakram of the Seas

This weapon is wielded by the Simulacrum known as Shiro. Chakram of Seas allows here to use devasting ranged attacks on multiple enemies. This weapon can also pull a large number of enemies in one spot so all of them can be hit by one large attack.

Unlike Huma who has to get close to deal damage Shiro has ranged attacks making her an ideal pick for a player who likes crowd control and range attacks. Chakram of Seas also has a shatter affinity. Therefore, enemies with a shield also don’t stand a chance against you.

Icewind Arrow

Another powerful range weapon in form of a bow that can discharge arrows made of ice is wielded by Tsubasa. She is a ranged DPS character with an ice affinity, this allows her to slow down enemies by freezing effect. Then she can use Icewind Arrows with their max potential by unleashing powerful shots that can devastate any enemy.

One Icewind Arrow is maxed upgraded, scoring headshots also deals massive bonus damage. Icewind Arrow may not be the best-ranged weapon but it’s extremely fun to use.

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