Tower Of Fantasy Best Relics To Maximize Your Damage

Relics in the Tower of Fantasy are great sources of highly powered attacks. With all the power and buffs which Relics provide, they also serve a supportive role while providing great defense.

With Relics, there also comes a great variety which a player can choose from. SR and SSR are the only two types of Relics and a player can equip only two Relics at a time before getting into a fight.

This guide lets you find out the best Relics in Tower of Fantasy and how you can use them.

Best SSR Relics to unlock in Tower of Fantasy

SSR Relics are rare and highly effective in battles in terms of DPS, tanking, Healer weapons, and more.

Colossus Arm
Colossus Arm is one of the mightiest SSR Relics in Tower of Fantasy. When used, it spawns a Colossus Arm behind the players for 20 seconds that are very useful in battles as the Relic itself is an attack type.

Furthermore, Colossus Arm grants players the ability to deal 1387.7% of their base damage which certainly will smash enemies in the right spot.

Spacetime Rift
Spacetime Rift is one of the best Relics when it comes to tackling enemies in abundance. It has an effect similar to a black hole that sucks everything.

Spacetime Rift launches a proton star that gets activated at a designated place and works for 10 seconds. When activated, it creates a hole in the time-space that sucks in every enemy close by.

After 1.5 seconds, the center of the proton star deals 39.6% of AKT damage to the enemies in the area with regular intervals of 0.5 seconds.

Hologram Projector
When it comes to PvE gameplay, Hologram Projector is the right choice. This is an Attack type relic specifically useful for DPS players. It projects a hologram of the caster by continuously repeating the weapons. The damage is elevated by 35% when the Relic is activated and after 15 seconds of continuous work, it enters the cooldown phase for 180 seconds.

Omnium Shield
While you plan to give a boost to your defense mechanism using Relics, Omnium Relic is an absolutely solid choice. It is a defense-type SSR Relic that when activated summons an Omnium Shield to block any attack coming from the sky or in a projectile fashion.

The activation time of the shield is 10 seconds having a cooldown time of 90 seconds. It has the starting energy equivalent to 200% of your HP so the better the HP is better the starting energy of the shield would be.

Another incredible choice can be Drone. When this Relic is put to work, a drone is summoned for 15 seconds and the damage reduction is increased by 15%. The Relic is a multipurpose one and can be used for defense as well as attack purposes.

Best SR Relics to unlock in Tower of Fantasy

SR Relics have a four-star rarity in the game and are equally important in strengthening your character.

Missile Barrage
The first one on the list of best SR Relics is Missile Barrage which mainly is an attack type Relic. The Relic can be used to summon a missile launcher that can be pointed at enemies for 8 seconds and get the job done. These missiles launched by Missile Barrage do damage equal to 34.8% of the base damage of the player.

Magnetic Storm
It is an attack-type Relic that mainly focuses on DPS weapons. It has the tendency to launch an electric tornado by creating a magnetic field around them. The tornado lasts for 8 seconds and will continue to take enemies into the air and deal them damage equal to 186.3% of the player’s base damage.

Magnetic Pulse
It is another attack type Relic causing 38.8% of the base damage by launching magnetic bombs at the enemies. The activation time of the Relic is 5 seconds and the cooldown time is also short to 35 seconds.

Lava Bomb
It is an attack-type Relic that is used to make enemies airborne after dropping lava bombs at them causing damage equivalent to 567% of the base damage.

Hoovering Cannon
Characters like Nemesis and Tsubasa can make good use of their long-range attack characters by pointing the Hoovering Cannon at enemies from long distances. The Relic is used to summon the Hoovering Cannon for 20 seconds and deal damage equivalent to 5.6% of the base damage.

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