How to Fix Already Logged Into the Game Error in Tower of Fantasy

To help you fix Already Logged Into the Game Error in Tower of Fantasy, our guide will suggest some troubleshooting tips.

Given its recent launch, it is no surprise that Tower of Fantasy is suffering from a number of issues. These problems range from connectivity troubles to performance issues and more. One such issue that plagues Tower of Fantasy is the game giving you an error that you are already logged into the game server, even though you just started. To help you fix this issue, we have compiled some instructions.

How to Fix Already Logged Into the Game Error

Unless you login to the game in Tower of Fantasy, you cannot play the game. So, the Already Logged Into the Game Error in Tower of Fantasy is a huge issue for all players and makes the game completely unplayable.

Spamming OK Button

The queue for the game will only enter 3,000 players at once. Crowded servers have over 3,000 players and even more waiting to enter the queue. So, keep on spam clicking on the OK button. You will then have higher chance of entering the queue and entering the game.

Restart the Game

The first and most common fix for the login issue is restarting the game. Simply close the game with ‘Alt+F4’ and restart the game. If your game is not closing properly, you can shut down the game from your task manager.

Restarting the Client

One of the issues that can interrupt your login is the client itself. This issue is mostly related to PC users, and they need to log out of the client as well as the game and restart and re-login to the client to fix the issue.

For players playing on mobile devices, you can simply close the game and restart it simply.

Changing the Server

Crowded servers can also cause login issues. For this, you can try to change the server you are playing on. Changing the server will mostly resolve the issue for most of the players experiencing login issue.

If you are experiencing ping issues, you can try playing at times when the server is less crowded so you don’t face the error.

Reinstalling the Game

If none of the above methods are resolving the issue for you, you can always delete and redownload the game. This seems a bit counterproductive, but this will definitely resolve the issue for you.

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