Total War: Three Kingdoms Administrators Guide – Completing Assignments, How to Assign

When it’s about managing your commanderies most efficiently, you will need to appoint the best administrators you possibly can. This will allow your commanderies to have added bonuses including higher income and less corruption. Read down below to know what functions Administrators perform and what you can get out of them in Total War: Three Kingdoms

Total War: Three Kingdoms Administrators

Administrators are special characters that you can assign from the court panel. Once you’ve chosen a slot for your administrator and a desired commandery, you will be granted certain buffs depending on the class of the administrator.

They are unlocked after playing through the campaign till the point of Second Marquis, early in the game.

Generally, bonuses include a higher productivity rate when it comes to the activities of the commanderies including high income and low corruption.

The army cap is also increased as each administrator grants your faction with an additional army. The number of administrators’ slots reserved for commanderies can also be increased by having a high faction rank or researching certain reforms.

The main benefit of appointing Administrators in commanderies is their versatility since they can be deployed anywhere and they will act as generals of the army on the battlefield.

This means they can take on the opposition, command other officers under them and defend themselves and fall back. If they’re not deployed on the battlefield, they will be stationed at the garrison of local capital settlement.

Administrators can also have multiple assigned characters working for them, providing secondary buffs. This can be done from the assignments button in the commandery panel.

Again, the number of assignments per administrator in the commandery can be increased as you progress in your faction level.

All of this comes at the cost of a higher wage that these newly appointed administrators for the commanderies are entitled to.

You should note, however, it’s not all sunshine as there’s the possibility that the satisfaction level of the administrator drops too low.

As a result, assigned administrators of the commanderies may leave your faction and take that particular commandery with them.

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