COD WW2 Zombies The Tortured Path Easter Egg Guide

Unlock the secret video.

Similar to previous installments in the Call of Duty: WW2, the Tortured Path isn’t shy of hiding secret Easter Eggs for players to find in the three-part map. They are quite well hidden in the map and players will be required to do some leg work to complete the map with answers to all of their questions.

To make things easier we’ve compiled a guide that includes all the Easter Eggs for you to find and get the secret end credits scenes for the Tortured Path in WW2 zombies.

Steps to complete the Tortured Path Easter Egg

The main Easter Egg of the Tortured Path will be separated into three parts. The first part of the Easter Egg can be performed on Into the Storm, the second on Across the Depth, and the last one on Path Three which is Beneath the Ice.

Activate the Pack-a-Punch

The first and foremost step before venturing off to the Easter Eggs is to activate the pack-A-Punch machine. Since there are three maps, there will be three PaP machines for you to find and activate throughout your playthrough for the Tortured Path.

The first Pack-A-Punch machine can be found inside the Windmill of Inst the Strom. To turn it on look for a soul box placed on the exit door of the Windmill. Simply kill zombies around it until the light turns green. The second soul box can be found inside the shed of the Bodega. Wait till you’re on round three to start killing zombies.

For the last soul box, reach round 7 and travel to the burnt-down house in the western corner of the map to spot the soul box. Once all three soul boxes are activated PaP your guns and get ready for the boss fight.

Across the Depths
The process for Across the Depths remains the same. Find 3x soul boxes around the map and charge them to activate the PaP machine.

The first soul box is placed on the western corner of the spawn area. The second soul box is placed inside the basement of the ship which becomes active after the fourth round.

The final soul box can be found in the Barracks room right next to the inactive Pack-A-Punch machine. Simply reach round seven and begin killing zombies.

Beneath the Ice
After spawning, turn to the left and go up the staircase to spot the first soul box. Collect zombies’ souls and wait for round four. The second soul box will be placed below the staircase.

For the last soul box travel to the right side of the spawn area to spot the soul box in the corner.

Find the Body Parts (Into the Storm)

The first part of the Easter Egg can be performed during the first few rounds of Into the Storm. This requires players to collect four body parts for a dead zombie and make him come alive to collect a battery.

For the first step, travel across the windmill where the first PaP soul box is and look above it to spot a branch with a hanging rope. Shoot the rope and then make your way around the map to search for four body parts. Since the parts will be randomized, we’ve created a list of all the possible locations down below.

Arm: In the Wine Cellar
Arm: Fireplace
Arm: on the plant pot outside the broken-down house
Arm: Next to the Radio in the main spawn area
Arm: On the pipe outside of the house
Arm: On the cabinet next to the SMG wallbuy
Arm: On top of the debris next to the fireplace

Leg:  Next to the red perk
Leg:  Outside of the house with debris
Leg: On the right side of the truck next to the crashed tank
Leg: Inside the building with fence boundary
Leg: On the hole in the wall east of Schilbitiz perk

Head: Next to Lebenblitz
Head: Net to the first PaP soul box
Head: Inside the Blue house
Head: On the fireplace
Head: On the bumper of the truck with the mystery box

Body: On the wooden cart in the spawn area
Body: Inside the basement of the Bodega house
Body: On the fireplace

Once all of these parts are collected, head over to the riverside and interact with the broken branch to lift and collect the rope. After collecting the rope, head over to the Apc tank and acquire the two metal rods placed on the ground.

Retrieve the Hilt

After collecting all of the necessary parts head over to the windmill and interact with the gears placed inside the windmill opposite of the Pack-A-Punch machine.

What you will have to do is interact with the gears and make the uncovered side of the propeller come down at exactly six o’clock for the Easter Egg to work.

When done correctly you’ll be able to attach the zombie to the propeller and the next step will be to make the same propeller reach at the top at exactly twelve O’clock.

Once you’ve done this, simply end the round to watch the zombie get an electric current and fall down. This will revive the zombie and it’ll act as a soul box. Kill zombies around the alive zombie until it reaches the burned-down house and goes through the debris to collect the Jilt.

Collecting the Hilt will complete the first part of the Easter Egg in the Tortured Path map. End round 10 to get teleported to map 2 and continue the Easter Egg.

Charge the Uberschanalle (Across the Depths)

After arriving at the ship deck, head inside the Barracks quarters and look for the Uberschanalle in the corner of the room. Melee the machine three times and it’ll change your FOV along with a temporary blackout. Once you’re out of the zone your next step is to locate all of the flapping fish

There is a total of 9 fish to find and they’ll be scattered around the boat. An easy way is to simply hear the fish flapping to locate them. Shoot all of them to find a flying fish spawn.

Your next step would be to escort the fish to a charging station between rounds. The fish will guide you towards a charging station where an Uberschanalle will be placed.


Make sure to Pack-A-Punch all of your weapons before you start charging the Uberschanalle as a lot of zombies will start spawning.

Once the fish disappears, head over to the main dock and look around to find an Uberschanalle. Bring it back to the station and begin killing zombies around it. The station will act as a soul box and you’ll be required to do this process three times to further progress in the Tortured Path Easter Egg.

The Fish and Bucket Challenge

After charging the Uberschanalles you’ll be teleported to an area underwater and you’ll be required to jump onto the platforms that appear in front of you. Simply jump on the platforms and kill zombies to make the next platform appear. You’ll have to do this multiple times until a red-hearing fish spawns.

Now you’ll have to play a game with the fish where the fish will enter a bucket and the buckets will be shuffled multiple times. You’ll have to guess which bucket has the fish.

This will be repeated three times and each time the difficulty increases. If you complete the game, you’ll be rewarded with the Pommel Object which is one of the parts for the Barbarossa’s Sword.

Head back to the deck and defeat the boss to continue the Tortured Path Easter Egg.

Melee the Uberschanalle (Beneath the Ice)

After Surviving the second map, you’ll be teleported to the last map of the Tortured Path in WW2 zombies. As soon as you spawn head into the center of the map and melee the Uberschanalle next to the blue wall to change your FOV. The first step is quite similar to the one you did in Across the Depths.

The change of FOV will last only for a short time but will be enough to solve the second task for the Easter Egg. The FOV will help spot a few runic buttons written on the wall behind the AR wallbuy.

Solve the Runic Puzzle

The codes for the puzzle will be written on walls around the map which can be spotted using the special FOV from the Uberschanalle but to help you get done with the Easter Egg quickly we’ve mentioned all of the codes in the image below.

After every eight tries the codes will shuffle but keep on brute forcing the codes until you enter the right one. Upon entering the right codes, you’ll receive a care package with the second part of the Barbarossa’s Sword and a small earthquake will take place.

Light up the pillars

When the earthquake happens simply travel back to the spawn area to see a box with flares on the stairs leading to the main area of the map. Equip the flares and head back to the center. You’ll be required to light up the four pillars using the flares.

Once all four pillars are fired up, head back to the spawn area and throw another flare in the burning vase next to the mystery box to spot the wall on the western side open and reveal a part for the runic codes wall.

Travel back to the runic wall and place the newly acquired object before smashing all of the codes written above to receive another part of the Barbarossa’s Sword

Place the part in the middle of the small tomb with a red light and begin the next step.

Stand on the Sacrificial Pads

Once you’re done with the code, head back to the spawn area and stand on the circular pads on the floor. Simply stand on it and begin killing zombies until they’re charged. Once that’s done head back to the runic wall and enter the codes mentioned above to receive the last part of the Barbarossa’s Sword in WW2 zombies.

Build the Barbarossa’s Sword

After collecting the last part of the Barbarossa’s Sword, simply head back to the main chamber and place the last part on the center console to build the wonder weapon of the game.

Now all that’s left to do is defeat the final boss zombie and receive the final cutscene for the Tortured Path in Call of Duty: WW2 zombies.

The Tortured Path Boss Fights

The Tortured Path has a total of three boss fights that players are required to complete to progress to the next map. Each boss has a different ability and requires a change in style to get taken down. We’ve mentioned the ways through which you can take down the boss to further progress in the Easter Egg.

Super Brenner (Into the Storm)

The first zombie boss you’ll encounter in the Tortured Path will be the Super Brenner that comes out in the 10th round of Into the Storm. When you first look at the appearance of the boss, you’ll notice that it has a thick layer of bubble around it that’ll work as armor.

Shooting the Brenner will not cause any damage to it until you lure him into the small red circles around the map. In those circles shoot the Brenner’s shield to permanently dismantle it and once it’s gone, you’re free to take down the first boss for the Tortured Path Easter Egg in WW2 zombies.


Killing the Super Brenner rewards you with the ‘We’ve Only Just Begun’ Achievement/Trophy.

Super Steinjager (Across the Depths)

Killing this zombie boss will require perfect timing. What you need to do is wait for the boss to deploy grenades. When the boss deploys the grenades shoot the head.

Repeat the process multiple times and the zombie will be touching the ground in no time. Upon doing so you’ll be rewarded with the ‘Sea Sick’ Achievement/Trophy.


Pack-A-Punch the 9mm pistol as it does the most damage to the Super Steinjager.

Ice Guardian (Beneath the Ice)

The last boss fight for the Tortured Path will be with a boss who has a self-healing ability. As soon as the battle starts make sure that the boss arrives in the Sacrifice Room and wait till the red orbs start to spawn over his head.

Shoot all of the orbs to stun the Ice Guardian and prevent it from healing. Do this a couple of times to complete the map and solve the Easter Egg for the Tortured Path in COD zombies.


Defeating the Ice Guardian will reward you with the ‘I’ll be home for Christmas” Achievement/Trophy.

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