COD WW2 Zombies: Tortured Path Pack-A-Punch Guide

All paths lead to the PaP.

The Tortured Path is the third DLC map for Call of Duty: WW2 zombies that has an easier way to Pack-A-Punch compared to the previous installments. Since the maps are quite short and survival with randomized guns lessens the chances of progression to the next map, we’ve compiled an easy guide to help you PaP your gun as soon as possible.

How to unlock the Tortured Path Pack-A-Punch Machine

Each map has a total of three soul boxes that need to be filled by killing zombies and an important thing to remember here is that these soul boxes appear in the same location but during different rounds.

Once all three soul boxes are filled and they turn green that’s your queue to head on over the PaP machine in the Tortured Path and prepare for the boss fight.

Into the Storm (Path 1)

The first soul box will appear in the first round of Into the Storm. From the spawn area travel to the other side of the map through the windmill to spot the first box. Simply kill zombies around it until one of the lights on the Pack-A-Punch machine turns green.


If the soul box shows a green light, it is time to kill zombies around it.

The second soul box will appear on the third ground inside the underground shed of the house. Simply complete the objectives for the third round and begin decimating the dead to charge the second fuse for the PaP machine.

The last soul box for Into the Storm becomes active during the seventh round. The box will be placed outside of the burnt-down house on the eastern corner of the spawn point. Wait until the light turns green and start collecting souls.

Once all three soul boxes are active, simply take your best gun to the PaP machine inside the Windmill and prepare for battle with the boss for the Tortured Path 1 in COD WW2 zombies.

Across the Depths (Path 2)

After progressing to path 2, the PaP machine will require the same steps as it did before. After spawning, simply travel to the southern section of the ship to spot the first soul box. Wait till the light turns green and start collecting souls.

During the fourth round, travel to the basement floor of the ship to spot the second soul box and start obliterating zombies around it. Beware of the small space and get a few monkey bombs to help you out.

In the sixth round, travel to the barracks on the western lower floors of the ship to spot the last soul box for Across the Depths in the Tortured Path. The box will be placed right next to the PaP machine. Collect souls and begin upgrading your gun.

Beneath the Ice (Part 3)

Take a left from the spawn point and use the stairs to spot the first soul box in Beneath the Ice. Just like the previous paths, this can also be done in the first round.

Once the first soul box is filled with souls, wait for round four and then travel to the same staircase you took for round one to spot the soul box next to the staircase. Fill it up until the green light goes off to progress to the next one.

On round seven, take a right from the spawn area to the eastern section of the map to locate the last soul box for the Pack-A-Punch machine in Tortured Path.

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