Torchlight 3 Untangled Web Walkthrough

T3’s main story quest Untangled Web is a rescue mission consisting of seven objectives. Completing the Torchlight 3 Untangled Web quest will grant you different rewards and the next story quest, Ancient Weaponry.

In this guide, we will walk you through the quest with tips and tricks to face the many hurdles on your way.

Torchlight 3 Untangled Web

Your quest starts with an objective to travel to Firebelly Village. To find the portal to the Firebelly Village, you need to go to Fields Of Unrest.

Make your way upwards as you spawn where you will find a wooden bridge on your right. Go through the bridge and the first boss will spawn, the Hang-Ree.

Use your best high-level ranged weapon with bonus damage to defeat this boss. Also, make use of your character’s skills to inflict extra damage on your enemy.

Infernal Warriors will spawn as well so keep an eye on them.

After defeating your first boss, head downwards as shown on the map. This is where you will find a portal that leads to Well-Trodden Path.

Go straight from there and you will be teleported to the Firebelly Village. Now head upwards and go through the portal to spawn in the Abandoned Mines.

Your next objective is to find and rescue Kenik and Hix. Follow the straight path while facing Mossrats and spiders like Moltenfang Spiders till you find two question marks on your mini-map.

These two question marks are Kenik and Hix wrapped in a spider web. Free the survivors and head towards the next question mark.

Skittles Boss Fight
You will be taken to the Liar of Fuego where you will face a blazing spider, Skittles. It can breathe fire out of its mouth and use webs to slow you down.

I would recommend you to use fire resist armor to take less damage from the boss. No minions are spawned in the boss fight so it is easy to keep your focus on Skittles.

Once you have slain the boss, rescue Wolfram and you will be awarded 100 fame points, 200 gold coins, and various items. Now you have successfully completed the Untangled Web quest.

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