Torchlight 3 Pets Guide

In Torchlight 3, pets are an integral part of the game. You can now swap, send home, and release pets. Players will be able to attach new skills to their pets. More and more pets will be unlocked as you moved further in the game.

In this guide, we will tell you everything that you need to know about pets in Torchlight 3.

How to get Pets in Torchlight 3

At the point when you start playing Torchlight 3 with any of the classes available, you have the choice to pick from an Owl, Alpaca, and a Retriever.

You’re not limited to these however, as you can unlock more pets by rescuing them from the prisons they are locked in. After rescuing them you can swap them with your current pet to help you in your journey.

Pets are produced in a random order, so if you are looking for a specific pet you have to play the game more and more. Three options are presented to you once you rescue a pet.

You can Swap it with your current pet, or send it home which will send the pet back to the fort and Release pet for releasing the pet in the jungle.

You can use the pet shelter to customize your pet. There are different skills available which can be very beneficial for you. The pet is really helpful for you in your battles as well.

The list of known pets is as follows:


You will find this pet in three colors:

  • Golden Retriever
  • Chocolate Retriever
  • Silver Retriever


This pet is available in three colors:

  • Brown & White Owl
  • Gray & White Owl
  • Brown Owl


This pet is also available in three colors:

  • White Alpaca
  • Golden Alpaca
  • Chocolate Alpaca


  • Buttercup Cat


This pet is available in three colors:

  • Brown Wolf
  • Gray Wolf
  • White Wolf


This pet is available in two colors:

  • Navy Chakawary
  • Crimson Chakawary


Your pet will also have a default skill once you get them. However, you’ll be able to give them four total skills using the pet panel.

The pet skills you’ll find during your Torchlight 3 adventure are given below:


  • Defender: 5% increment in the defense to nearby allies.
  • Deadlier Strikes: 15% increment in the critical strike chance to nearby allies.
  • Running Partner: 15% increment in the movement speed to nearby allies.
  • Increased Awareness: 10% increment in the chance to block.


  • Battle Cry: 10% increased damage for allies for 10 seconds.
  • Defensive Posture: 10% increased damage resistance for 8 seconds.
  • Healing Friendship: 10% increased health for affected allies.


  • Screeching Stun: Pet stuns enemies for 2 seconds by crying out.

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