Torchlight 3 Legendarium Guide

We present a detailed guide that will let you know everything you need to know about the Legendarium's skills and uses in Torchlight 3

Torchlight 3 has this new feature that includes a panel full of surprises. The Legendarium panel is accessible by the user and gives you these legendary skills or passives to choose from. We present to you a detailed guide that will let you know everything you need to know about the Legendarium’s legendary skills and passives in Torchlight 3

Torchlight 3 Legendarium

As you continue to play Torchlight 3, you’ll begin to unlock various Legendarium’s legendary skills and passives. But there is an important drawback that you can only equip three out of all of them, at one time.

These slots will be available at level 3, 20, and 40. In order to equip the skills via the Legendarium, you first need to construct an Enchanter’s Altar in your personal fort, and you can find this as a part of a mini-tutorial side quest early on in the campaign.

You should start enchanting your gear after you’ve done that or breaking down things to transform them into essences. But it isn’t like that.

The Altar of the Enchanter also helps you to gain the legendary powers synonymous with legendary artifacts that you tear down.

In turn, via the Legendarium panel, these passives will be made available.

Depending on the kinds of passives that might be chosen, these may have multiple tabs.

Class-based passives

These will be according to the class that you will choose, and often you will find that you will need to break down the legendary weapon and armor pieces for that class.

Here is a list of the few items that require you to disenchant them so that you can gain their respective effects.

Dusk Mage

  • Arc of Light – There is a 50% chance that Casting Holy Bolt will be able to cast Absolver.
  • Brilliant Herald – Radiant Blast will be able to gain a 500% weapon damage, and there will be a 6-second cooldown. Enemies won’t be infused anymore.
  • Celestial Boots – You get mana-infused after casting a spell with a cooldown, restoring 5% of your mana every second for 3 seconds.


  • 3C#7R4 Repeater – Increase in Rapid Fire’s weapon damage bonus to 20 stacks.
  • Blight Maw – An additional two darts are fired by Poison Dart in a spread.


  • Musketeer Robe – Adventurer skills goes up by 1.
  • Musketeer Pauldrons – Regain a charge of your Ghost Visage movement skill after using a potion.
  • Lil’ Drake – The Sacrifice to Goose skill creates a burning AOE after impact and does 50% weapon damage that lasts 6 seconds.


They aren’t specific to any class; however, they still require you to dismantle legendary weapons via the Enchanter’s Altar.

Here are a few examples:

Frenzi’s Blade – Reaching an opponent with your basic attack raises your attack speed by 5 percent over 5 seconds with basic attacks; stacks up to 10 times. In Torchlight III, this is a good skill for early-game leveling just in case you want to skip any of the beginner skills and later don’t want to refund points.

Firestarter – You receive a Fire Charge from casting your relic power. Using the simple assault, a fire charge is expended to cast a fireball that damages 40 percent of the weapon. With Firewall equipped, casting your relic skill gets you two Fire Charges.

Firewall – This will block an attack, which then will allow you to counter that too with a fireball that will bring damages up to 75% and empowers the Firestarter legendary item.

Snecko Stick – Throws three poison bolts, which give the enemy a 40% weapon damage.

Armor-based Passives

This needs you to dismantle legendary armor pieces to acquire their effects via the Legendarium, much like the weapon-based passives. Often, they are not locked into a single class. Here are some examples:

The Wanderer’s Hood – A +1 charge for the movement skills and 20% faster gain in movement skill charges. This is one of the most valuable passive legendary abilities to have because you are likely to want to travel around regularly.

Headhunter – You receive a random shrine effect when you destroy a rare or legendary beast. Since only leveling or when also scrounging for other legendary abilities, this is partially beneficial. Mostly, it’s only to help you clear the remaining mobs in an environment, assuming that the boss has already been killed.

Arc-Powered Chest – The Lucky Adventurer buff allows you 30 seconds to destroy Voltura or Automaton opponents. This buff brings +20 percent luck to the object and +10 percent speed of travel, which is perfect for dungeon delves and chest openings.

Skittering Chest and Woodsbeast Top – These also grant you the Lucky Adventurer buff, but it comes from killing enemies of hyvids and goblins.


They are related to your pets and are obtained after you are successful in disenchanting the pet-specific items and will confer the bonuses listed therein.

Following are a few examples:

Dryad’s Neckband – Restore 3 percent health for both your character and your pet if a pet hits an enemy.

Token of Contagion – The pet poisons enemies nearby, doing 40 percent harm to guns per second. This, due to the poison effect, synergizes well with the Bane relic.

Token of Rapid Bartering – 90 percent sooner, your pet returns from town. Sending your pet away would usually cause you to wait a couple of minutes before it returns. The big cooldown reduction will see your friendly partner return within a few seconds.

In the end, the Legendarium element of Torchlight 3 is there to give you additional boons through legendary abilities and passives.

Some of the customizations you’re going to do will come from the skill selections of your selected class, as well as the relics you’ve leveled up.

The Legendarium, meanwhile, offers a bit of spice that will, ideally, synergize with your playstyle.

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