Torchlight 3 Will Expand Forts With Post-Release Updates

Forts are new to the franchise and Torchlight 3 will make sure to add new ways, even after release, in which players can build their ultimate base.

Speaking with SegmentNext in a recent interview, developer Echtra Games stated that forts are a core part of Torchlight 3 and were added fairly early during development. Thanks to a lot of extensive early testing, a number of features were nailed down for forts while others were crossed out. Echtra Games is pretty happy with how forts have been moulded so far but they will get even better.

The developer has committed to expand forts with post-release updates based on “a really long list of ideas” that will be explored in the future. That being said, Echtra Games candidly pointed out that those ideas, whether for forts or any other aspect of Torchlight 3, will only be revealed once they are deemed practical. The developer will not be making any false promises.

Forts were added early in our development and we’ve had big dreams for them all along the way. Some of the things we’ve added have worked out. Our Alpha testers showed us how other ideas needed to be changed.

We also have a really long list of ideas for expanding on the fort in the future. Lists of ideas come cheap though. While we would certainly love to do more with forts post-release, I don’t like to make any promises until I know we can fulfill them.

Torchlight 3 will allow players to build and upgrade their very own forts with various structures for gameplay-related buffs and services. Presumably, Echtra Games will expand forts by adding new structures for players to build. One kind of expansion that can be ascertained right now is the release of new props for players to decorate their forts with.

The developer has noted that Torchlight 3 will release with nearly 300 different props. Since the in-game store was removed during the shift from a free-to-play Torchlight Frontiers, there will be no props stuck behind an overwhelming paywall that encourages players to pull out their wallets. Everything will be earned or unlocked for free by just playing Torchlight 3.


Torchlight 3 will be releasing for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC via Steam later in 2020. Echtra Games has expressed an interest to explore opportunities offered by PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X but until the game is done for current-generation platforms, the developer will not be delving into any next-generation efforts.

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