Torchlight 2 Robot Parts Locations Guide

How to find all the Robot Parts and unlock a secret side-quest in Torchlight 2.

Torchlight 2 Robot parts is an optional side-quest. This side quest is unlocked after finding five robotic parts. In this guide on Torchlight 2 Robot Parts locations, we’ve given the exact locations where you can find these parts and unlock the Robot part side quest

Torchlight 2 Robot Parts Locations

Act 1 –  Widow’s Veil (Robotic Drum)
The first part is found in Widow’s Veil (Crow’s Pass). Light up all the braziers throughout the dungeon to open a secret room which has the Robotic Drum.

Mostly the secret room is located at the back of the sitting Finnas, near the Red Portal. But if it’s not present there, then you’ll find it on your way towards the dungeon.

Act 2 – Tower of the Moon (Robotic Arm)
The second part is found in the Tower of Moon; which is inside Ossean Wastes. Hit all 4 wall-mounted brass gongs in the dungeon to open a secret room which has the Robotic Arm.

Act 2 – Blood Hive (Robotic Pipe)
Robotic Pipe can be found in Blood Hive. Simply visit the Salt Barrens and you’ll find Blood Hive inside the Swarm Point. You need to crush all the eggs found on the last floor of the dungeon to get the third part.

Act 3 – Abandoned Sawmill (Robotic Body)
The Abandoned Sawmill can be found in the Blightbogs. Remove all skeletons from every wall in the dungeon to open a secret room which has the Robotic Body.

  • The first Skeleton is next to Day One journal at the end of the bridge.
  • The second Skeleton is near Day Three journal on a path going towards the docks.
  • The third Skeleton can be found in the middle of the town. Enter the second house on the left of the town and find the Skeleton.
  • The last Skeleton is near Day Five journal on the path exiting the town.

Act 3 – Cacklespit’s Realm (Robotic Head)
The Robotic head can be found in a dungeon called Cacklespit’s Realm, situated in the Sundered Battlefield. However, to unlock this dungeon, you’ll have to go through some side quests starting from Cacklespit’s Brew.

Cacklespit’s Brew
All you have to do is find a Bell in the Rot Gardens area of the Blightbogs and hang it on a post. The post can be found in Blightbogs, on a platform. Once you’ve hanged the bell, start a conversation with Cacklespit to complete the quest.

Fade’s Passage
Now for the next quest, visit Imperial Camp. Once there, talk to Widget and start Fade’s passage. Head towards the western side of Sundered Battlefield and activate two altars on the hill.

After activation, Fade will appear. Speak to Fade and complete the quest.

Before “Fade’s Passage” ends, you’re given a quest by fade called the Cacklespit’s Realm in which you’ll have to find four skulls in the Sundered Battlefield. Finding them is not as difficult as it sounds.

After finding all four skulls, return to fade and hand the skulls to him. Now you’ll receive a transportation that will directly lead you to Cacklespit’s Realm.

Cacklespit’s Realm
After being transported to Cacklespit’s Realm, destroy all six tree trunks and enter the secret path (located on an island) to fight Cacklespit.

Keep in mind that once you’re on the boss island, you can’t visit other islands without returning to Fade

Returning the Parts
Take all the parts to Zeryphesh in Act 2 and he’ll construct Trillbot-4000. Speak with him to unlock new and difficult dungeon.

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