Top 15 Dragon Age 2 Mods

The best of the best community created mods for Dragon Age 2.

If you don’t like the game, tweak it, mod it, that’s the beauty of the PC gaming. You can choose among the following best community created mods for Dragon Age 2, if the game hasn’t lived up to your expectations. If you don’t like our compilation, go through the huge database at Dragon Age Nexus.

Top 15 Dragon Age 2 Mods

1. High Resolution Texture Pack
For PC users who want to make their game eye candy can download this texture pack and enjoy those high quality textures.

It requires DirectX 11 and 1Gb. But for those who don’t have DirectX 11 supported rig, can enjoy the same crisp graphics using this mode.

2. Dragon Age Origins Save Games Importer
This mod lets you import your save files from the first game which will change the course of the game with the actions and decisions you did in the first game incorporated in the sequel.

This tool will allow the player to make an Origins save and tweak all the decisions made during the campaign and ready to be imported into Dragon Age 2. You can download Dragon Age Save Games Importer here.

3. Character Generator Revamp
The default Hawke’s appearance in Dragon Age 2 is heroic and unique but this makes it a shame when people tries to tweak it. This mod will allow the players to tweak the default Hawke face instead of the featureless NPC. You can download the mod from here.

4. Highlight Toggle
The Highlight objects are turned into a toggle helping the players to avoid the cumbersome job of holding the Tab button all the time. Players can also add an auto run button for this. You can download it from here.

5. No Restrictions Mod
This mod removes all the restrictions for armor and weapons in the class, character and attributes. But it doesn’t change any skills. You can download this mod from here.

6. Arachnomabari Spider Dog
You can swap your Mabari War Hound with the Arachnomabari Spider by using this mod.The giant spider looks cool.

7. 1 Second Cool Down Mod
If the player wants to make the game easier, use the 1 second cool down mod which will reduce all spell cool down to 1 second regardless of the class that you choose in the game.

8. Sophies Choice Mod
This mod can change who will be killed by the ogre at start of the game. The save files can be edited and the character class can also be changed.

9. Hide Weapons Mod
This mod can help hide the sheathed weapons from view. The mage can now visit the Chantry with their staff hidden from the view.

10. Nightmare Difficulty Tweak
Friendly damage is removed from the Normal as well as the Hard difficulty level of the game. For those who wish to make their game tough can use the Nightmare difficulty Tweak to enable friendly attack damage.

11. No More Gibbing!

Dragon Age 2 has its share of gore and violence. To such an extent that the fans can handle. But there are some points in the game, when you have become truly overpowered and come to low level areas and by simply touching your enemies with​ you weapon can cause a scene. Simply striking them will make their whole body parts to splash all over the place and blood to a very high extent. Sometimes this becomes bothersome so the mod No More Gibbing! basically removes this issue and makes it look like the enemies barely loose a limb or a few organs.

12. Archery Critical

This mod gives rogue Hawke powerful Archery Critical build up skill and more playable unlike before. Hawke was a very weak character even though being a mage which are considered overpowered. But this mod fixed all of that.

13. Facial Tweaks

This mod basically helps you change key characters facial appearance so that they can look more of their role than before. The mod gives players full access on changing the key characters as they see fit. For example they can add a ponytail for Anders and Meredith can loser her girlish blond locks.

14. No More Spiders

This mod removes all the spiders in the game and replaced them with Mabari war hounds. So those of you who literally hate spiders then this mod is perfect for you to download.

15. Sunnie’s Evolving Weapons Pack

This mod will allow you to keep you weapons and armor sets with you for long time. You weapon will grow in power as you kill more and more enemies and you can attain abilities. The weapon and armor set of your choice will improve and grow alongside you throughout the game.

Share with us, your favorite mod among these, or any other we may have missed.

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