Top 10 90’s Video Game Franchises That We Need in Our Lives Now!

Here is our top 10 selection of 90's video game franchises that are not active now, but should be; most anticipated revivals.

It is true, there always are somethings that leave a permanent mark on our hearts and souls; and that stands true in the case of games as well. Each generation has had its fair share of games that they would love to see rebooted. Here we talk about the top 10 90’s video game franchises that definitely need a reboot.

We have compiled for you a video showing off the games we want the most to return to us, alongside some visuals for a massive dose of nostalgia.

Top 10 90’s Video Game Franchises That Need Reboots

Diddy Kong Racing is one game that had the same level of fan following and competition with Mario kart 64 once that Call of Duty and Battlefield have now. Taking things to the darker side, Parasite RPG also used to have massive fame thanks for being the first M Rated RPG of Square Enix. Survival horror set in NYC? Count me in!

Moving on, a number of times Legacy of Kain has come up in our conversations for bringing amazing interactive storytelling to console users as well as for the outstanding writing.

Among the 90’s video game Franchises, 3D platformers were the genre kings of the era, and apart from some aforementioned titles, Banjo Kazooie has a major role to play in that. We have been waiting for good reboot ever since Nuts and Bolts!

No matter how many more we get, Duke Nukem was and will be Duke Nukem forever – no pun intended, and we are certainly talking about the original game only. Wolfenstein and especially Doom Reboot are making us wish for a Duke Nukem reboot more than anything.

One of the fastest and smoothest racers ever created, F-ZERO has been ignored for far too long. GameCube days are not going to come back but a modernized version of this one can happen.

We have had a number of games in the Resident Evil series and a number of experiments, but what we need right now is to go back to the roots and play a reboot of the original Resident Evil. Let’s get a little comfy now, Battletoads! The three toads are pretty popular even now, we have got Rash in Killer Instinct too, but the original game is what we miss.

Silent Hill is one franchise that has had a very sad fall from grace. We had massive hope with Kojima and Del Toro but we all know what happened next. So we don’t know what it takes, but make this one happen folks!

Years up on years filled with speculation, rumors and so on but nothing official from Sony yet. However, Crash Bandicoot was to PlayStation what Mario was to Nintendo – enough said.

Note: We understand that opinions may differ and also that it would be impossible to shorten the list of 90’s video game franchises that must have a reboot to 10. But feel free to let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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