Top 50 Minecraft HD Textures Pack

This article is contributed by Sarmed Malik.

There are multiple variants of several HD texture packs so that would make the list to 50 but for convenience, it is numbered with respect to name.

1# VonDoomCraft: HD Mobs
Currently includes HD skins for the Creepers, Zombies, Skeletons, Slimes, Ghosts, and Pigmen!

2# Glimmar’s Steampunk Texture Pack v. 2.6 for Minecraft 1.7
It includes alternative ‘terrain.png’ files, nearly 700 alternative terrain texture, alternate skins for boats, mine carts, and paddle steamer skins. Alternative Biome Colors, airship skins, Mob and Steam punk Character skins.

3# John Smith’s Textures Pack
It includes new note block, new Book shell, new Wolf skins, (WIP) Tweaks.

4# LB Photo Realism, 1.7
If you want to add a realistic feel to your Minecraft game, you should install this mod.

5# Bordercraft
Bordercraft is an HD texture pack for Minecraft based on the Borderlands game. It’s awesome and if you are looking HD textures, you should install it immediately.

6# CoD Zombies Texture Pack Compatible with 1.7.0
Inspired by Call of Duty Zombies, you should expect undead skins.

7# Balea v2.5 Bumpmap
It includes 128p textures, custom water and lava, custom items, custom particles, and custom GUI. In game clock shows not only day/night but time. Among other things it features custom overlays, custom clouds, custom arrows and sign, custom paintings, custom weather, custom boats, custom mine carts, Full Wild Grass and ModLoader support.

8# Dokucraft 2.3
Dokucraft is a texture pack that reskins Minecraft into an old RPG game theme. It Adds Pistons, Shears, Fixed Beds, Cakes, and Stone Slabs. Adds default spider web as place holder and Removes out of date mod support.

9# Minecraft Enhanced
This texture enhances the Minecraft with better clouds, double view, and the lunar cycle/stars mod. It is also a Skybox mod, allowing you to change things like fog depth, distance and height. It also allows you to change the sky and moon color. Turn on and off weather FX.

10# Sevenfour’s Ornate Textures
An original 128×128 texture pack with an semi-realistic intricate and somewhat dark theme. Maybe slightly along the lines of the game

  • Download Sevenfour’s Ornate Textures

11# Faithful 32×32

  • Download Faithful 32×32

12# Minecraft 4 Kids HD Minecraft Texture Pack (128 x 128)
Designed by a father who wanted to make Minecraft less terrifying for his kid. Minecraft Kids uses Cell Shading technology and high definition textures to create high definition cartoon style world.

13# LAST DAYS texture pack
The Last Days texture pack reskins your world of Minecraft into a post apocalyptic environment, with bleak wastelands stripped bare of all vegetation. Before ‘the event’ that brought this world into its current state, many of the more fortunate inhabitants burrowed into the ground and created a network of reinforced caverns, or ‘Cocoons’ as they were later known.

  • Download LAST DAYS texture pack

14# Soartex, Hi-Res HD Minecraft Texture Pack (64 x 64)
Soartex is the nicest hi-res texture pack I’ve seen. It avoids many of the issues associated with other hi res HD texture packs. It doesn’t force unnatural looking textures into the game and it actually tiles properly.

  • Download Soartex

15# Adriorn’s Básico 128x Texture Pack

16# Croco’s Pack

17# Dusty Textures [32×32]
Based upon runescape gold.

18# Qualjaks Cell-Shaded Texture Pack
A texture pack is inspired by games like Borderlands and The Legend of Zelda: Wind Walker.

  • Download Qualjaks Cell-Shaded Texture Pack

19# Doku RPG texture pack
New ore textures to make them a bit more ‘special’ and unique from each other. Enhanced stone steps, mossy cobblestone added snow, flat stone a bit more flat with less tiling issues, small tweaks and fixes.

20# The Cel-Pak: TRON Grid
Minecraft meets the digital world of TRON.

21# The Arcane Pack
This is a magic/elven/wild themed feeling texture pack, made at double resolution.Edits to the stone tools,-new coal item texture-pistons-shears, New crafting table-new chest-new obsidian-new tall grass, new pine leaves-new background for the insides of chests and the large part of the inventory.

22# Nurio’s SplotchBlock
Thicker Leaves, Murkier Water, Old ore designs.

23# Woocraft – 1.7
A 128×128 HD Pack with an Asian touch.

  • Download Woocraft 1.7

24# CroCraft V1.2
A dark somewhat Medieval texture pack.

25# Misa’s Realistic

26# Ovo’s Rustic Pack v1.2
Hand painted textures, close to the original textures so that what you see is similar to what others see with the base textures.

27# Rezcraft 16×16 TRON: Legacy

  • Download Tron Legacy Texture Pack

28# Aza’s Arid Pack

29# SMP’s Texture Pack

  • Download SMP’s Texture Pack

30# SANGUINE v 4.2 – Ultra Realistic pack
Adds realistic feel to Minecraft.

  • Download Sanguine Ultra Realistic Pack

31# Mythos – 1.7
Based off of the writings of HP Lovecraft and the creations spawned from them.

32# Tronic Revamped v9 [32×32]
This is a texture pack that uses Tronic as a base, with custom icons from Frenden’s Texture Pack and a round sun and moon from the Painterly Pack.

  • Download Tronic Revamped Texture Packs

33# [32x][WIP][1.7.2] LoafCraft
The theme for this pack is a world watched over by an elusive cat deity. He’s watching you plunder his natural resources and he is not amused.

34# [32x][Beta 1.7] GamingLord’s Art Pack
Revamped Gold, Iron, Diamond Blocks and Ores. Enhance vegetation and plant life, inventory and furnace table, and much more.

35# Mixcraft – SemiRealistic
Semi-Realistic look for Minecraft, how convenient.

36# [64x, 128x][1.7] ClayCraft
Updated, check here.

  • Download ClayCraft 64x
  • Download ClayCraft 128x

37# StankePack
A Map Pack based on Dark Fantasy/RPG theme.

38# [16x][1.5] 3D Dot Game Heroes
This texture pack is a WIP progress based of the PS3 game 3D Dot Game Heroes

These are the best Minecraft HD texture packs currently available. Choose the one you like, enhance your Minecraft World with High-Definition textures.

These texture packs tend to update over time in response to community feedback, so I would recommend you to check the official pages to see if they have been updated for the latest version of the game.

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