Tomodachi Life Personality Charts – How To Create a Perfect Mii Personality

Find out how you can create a perfect Tomodachi Life Personality by assigning different traits to your Miis.

With Tomodachi Life, Nintendo has created its somewhat relatable version of The SIMS. Players can not only give a unique look to their Miis but also give them their unique personalities.

The personality of you, Mii will determine how it interacts with other islanders in the game. The whole personality mechanism of Tomodachi Life is pretty easy to comprehend, but what your Mii will turn out to be is hard to tell.

How Personalities Work in Tomodachi Life

Depending upon your Mii’s personality, it will fall in love, develop adversaries, make friendships, and be a talkative or shy personality.

Four categories are further divided into four categories, providing you with 16 unique personalities to choose from.

After choosing a specific personality, players will rate five distinctive traits which will determine how your Mii will play out with other characters:

  • Movement (Scale from Slow to Quick)
  • Speech (Scale from Polite to Direct)
  • Expressiveness (Scale from Flat to Vary)
  • Attitude (Scale from Serious to Relax)
  • Overall (Scale from Quirky to Normal)

Below is a chart containing all 16 personality types and their prominent traits. Make sure to check it out and personalize your Mii accordingly.

Confident Go-Getter Personality

This personality revolves around a focused individual who lets no one stands in his/her way and achieves everything!

Confident Go-Getter

Confident Adventurer Personality

Characters with this personality are focused and ambitious and don’t let anything come in their way.

Confident Adventurer

Confident Brainic Personality

This personality type is highly self-motivated, with commendable knowledge on almost every subject!

Confident Brainic

Confident Designer Personality

Characters with these personality types are focused and highly productive. They can easily come up with a plan and execute it.

Confident Designer

Independent Thinker Personality 

These self-dependent philosophers prefer thinking through a thing before concluding.

Independant Thinker

Independent Lonewolf Personality

Characters with this personality type love to operate alone and do not work well with others.

Independant Lonewolf

Independent Artists Personality 

People with these personality types are self-motivated and creative. They can look for artistic qualities in everything and everyone.

Independant Artist

Independent Free Spirit Personality

They are not held by the boundaries of society and like to do things they like. They are laid back and carefree.

Independant Free Spirit

Outgoing Leader Personality

These personality type people are energetic and can make the right decisions.

Outgoing Leader

Outgoing Charmer Personality

These people have the best personality of all! They are energetic and make friends without any effort.

Outgoing Charmer

Outgoing Entertainer Personality

These people can positively spend their energy to entertain everyone alongside them.

Outgoing Entertainer

Outgoing Trendsetter Personality

These people know how to carry themselves and stand out in the crowd. People admire them, and they know they have got it in them.

Outgoing Trendsetter

Easygoing Softie Personality 

These people are often confused with being shy. They are relaxed, open-minded, sometimes emotional, and cannot see others in pain.

Easygoing Softie
Easygoing Buddy

Easygoing Optimistic Personality 

These people always hope for the best and preach hope to others. This is exactly why people look up to them during harsh times.

Easygoing Optimistic

Easygoing Dreamer Personality 

This is the last personality in the game, and Mii, with this personality type, is always waiting for the perfect life. They are idealists and often ignore the ground realities.

Easygoing Dreamer

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