Tomb Raider Hall of Ascension Puzzle Walkthrough Guide

The second tomb that Lara Croft can raid in Tomb Raider is called the Hall of Ascension. It is found in the Mountain Village, after Lara completes her objectives in the Cliffside Village. The entrance to the tomb is near the smoke beacon.

Hall of Ascension is one of the trickiest tombs in the game, as it requires exquisite timing. Because of this, multiple attempts may be required.

Requirements: None

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Hall of Ascension Walkthrough
Walk into the narrow cave entrance. Follow the linear path, past the large open region with the heavy wind blowing. You’ll arrive at the tomb’s day camp.

Once you’ve done what you need to on the camp, follow the pathway ahead. Once you are passed the large open doors, you should see open windows to your left. Go to them, and turn the wheel next to them to close the windows.

This should prevent the strong winds from flowing in for a short while.

In the center is another wheel which you have to use to raise the suspended platform in front of it. Jump on top of the crate next to the platform. Now, you have to time your jump perfectly with the opening of the windows, or you will have to repeat the above steps all over again.

Try to listen for the sound of the windows opening, while standing just on the edge of the crate. As soon as the windows open, make a quick jump on the platform, and then jump again to hold on to the ledge.

Make sure to land on the closest edge of the platform. If you land too far ahead, the platform won’t have enough moment to get you close to the wall.

Shimmy leftwards till you can jump on the second floor region.

Move ahead, and as Lara admires the site of the ruins, you’ll likely spot the large treasure chest right at the end.

Experience Reward: 1250 XP

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