Todd Howard: Fallout 5 Will Be Singleplayer After Multiplayer Centric Fallout 76

Fallout 5 will be a singleplayer game once again according to Todd Howard, who said it was best to keep the multiplayer and singleplayer separate.

Todd Howard of Bethesda has said that when Fallout 5 comes around, it will be a return to the former singleplayer format of the mainline Fallout games. This comes only a few weeks after the reveal of Fallout 76’s multiplayer gameplay style, a new idea for the Fallout franchise.

Various Fallout games, from the very first one to Fallout 4, have always been singleplayer affairs with players only having their companions as another person around as they wander the wasteland in each game. Fallout 76 is the first multiplayer Fallout game, and its reveal to be so has been a controversial topic for many fans.

Todd Howard said Bethesda will be focusing on singleplayer games because it would be better for them to keep the multiplayer and singleplayer aspects separate, hence Fallout 76 being a multiplayer only game even with its solo option (which allows you to play outside a group, but not without anyone else around you).

I think we’ll continue to develop these games as a singleplayer title. That’s what our focus will be on

That same philosophy also extends to the Elder Scrolls games. Bethesda unveiled The Elder Scrolls 6 at E3 this year, though there weren’t any other details about it and it’s unlikely that Bethesda will put any multiplayer in that, especially since it’s a main series title, unlike the spin-off game that is 76.

With all of the emphasis on¬†Fallout 5 being a single player game, those wanting multiplayer can experience it in Fallout 76. The multiplayer-centric Fallout 76 is a robust, rich experience but it doesn’t really feel like an MMO. At this point, it clear how similar the situation is to The Elder Scrolls multiplayer.

Bethesda plans to keep mainline games and multiplayer experience separate. With The Elder Scrolls, the developer rolled out The Elder Scrolls online to satisfy the demand for MP. Meanwhile, The Elder Scrolls 6 and the rumored Fallout 5 will remain singleplayer only experiences.

While we don’t have an actual release date for Fallout 5, we do know that Fallout 76 will be coming to the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC on November 14 of this year, allowing you to run around West Virginia with your friends, nuke your enemies, and build the first post-apocalyptic settlements of the Wasteland.

Source: GameStar Podcast

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