Titanfall Has Sold Around 8 Million Units, Sequel Might Not be Exclusive to Microsoft


Just recently, Respawn Entertainment revealed to the world that their new IP, Titanfall, has sold more than 7 million units worldwide. Which sort of surprised me because although I really liked the game, it got old pretty soon for me but I guess that’s because I am more of an RPG fan.

Anyways, during an interview, Respawn’s own Vince Zampella confirmed the latest sale stats once again. According to him, the game has now moved around 8 million copies across the globe.

Which is really impressive because the 7 million figure was revealed just a little over a month ago and the game has been out for a while but still managed to sell almost a million copies in such a short time.

In Zampella’s own words:

“I think they’re going well, the game was obviously pretty successful. I think we announced 7 million [entitlements – or unique players] a month ago or so or whatever…We’re obviously still selling so we are closing in on 8 million now.”

Not only the game, but DLC has also been received well by the fans.

PC players will know that the game is exclusive to Origin and is currently not available on Steam. Unfortunately, fans who want to see the game on Valve’s platform won’t have their wishes fulfilled as Respawn is looking to move to other projects.

To Respawn, Titanfall on Steam “doesn’t make sense anymore.”

Since Titanfall came out, there were whispers/rumors/speculations that the sequel will not be exclusive to Microsoft.

It is to be noted that the franchise is owned by Respawn and published by EA. The exclusivity deal between Microsoft and Respawn only covered the first game. So, if there are no new deals, the next game might not be Xbox and PC only.

Zampella was asked this burning question, to which he replied:

“I’ve already said future projects will not necessarily be exclusive.”

Lastly, next year will be a bit slow in terms of reveals from Respawn, according to Zampella. The team will have their “heads down” and make sure they will have something big ready for the fans.

Keep in mind that the next reveal might not be Titanfall 2 as there is a “non-Titanfall related” team working on an unspecified title at Respawn.

Source: GameInformer

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