Titanfall to Feature Controller Aim Assist on PC

Respawn Entertainment has revealed that they have included the feature of aim assist in the PC version of Titanfall for those who opt to use a controller instead of the ‘usual’ mouse and keyboard peripherals.

When asked on Twitter about the possible support of the feature on PC, Respawn said, “Yes, there is some controller aim assist for PC.”

I’m a bit surprised over the news. I haven’t really come across any one who opts to play shooters on PC using a controller. Those who feel more comfortable using a controller usually opt to play the game on a console instead.

In any case, Respawn seems to be looking out for everyone. Earlier this month the developer revealed that there are going to be adding plenty of custom control layouts for users, specifically for those who are content with the Halo controls scheme.

Titanfall releases soon and a beta has been promised on Origin by EA. There has been no date on the beta but it’s speculated to arrive early next month.

Source: Twitter

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