Titanfall 2 Excluded from EA Access and Origin Access

EA DICE's upcoming shooter, Titanfall 2 will not be a part of EA Access on Xbox One or Origin Access...

EA DICE’s upcoming shooter, Titanfall 2 will not be a part of EA Access on Xbox One or Origin Access on PC. This means that no early access or perks that go along with this subscription service.

This was apparently not the case originally but the company added a paragraph on its official website earlier.

For just $4.99 a month, players get access to The Vault that allows them to play 10 games for free. Moreover, new games like FIFA, Madden etc are available to play a few days ahead of their public release.

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However, it is odd to not include Titanfall 2 in the mix. The game is one of EA’s biggest shooters of the year and should have been added to EA Access and Origin Access.

Titanfall 2 would have also received a 10% discount if it had been a part of EA Access and Origin Access. The original Titanfall was a part of EA Access and one wonders if not adding new games will become a norm. If that turns out to be the case, we may see subscriptions dropping.

Titanfall 2 is releasing for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC October 28. It is releasing a week after Battlefield 1 so it would be hard time for your wallet.

Speaking of Battlefield 1, the game is currently in an open beta. EA is planning to release an update that will deal with some annoying issues plaguing the client as we speak; Such as the leaderboard shows everything and everyone as zero. Meanwhile, in every other game you spawn without a weapon.

Overall, Battlefield 1 is a very enjoyable and authentic World War 1 exprience. You can head over to Origin to download the game for PC or visit PSN or Xbox Live for consoles.

Battlefield 1 is releasing on October 21.

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