Tips To Master Combat In The Callisto Protocol

While navigating the prison infested with enemies in The Callisto Protocol, you’ll be required to survive attacks using a mix of close-quarters combat and firearms. To help you survive this hellish nightmare, you need to know some specific tips to play The Callisto Protocol.

That’s why we have prepared this guide with all the beginner tips so you can enjoy The Callisto Protocol fully from the start.

Aim for the limbs, not the head

Unlike Zombies, the enemies in Callisto Protocol are just infected/mutated roommates, so aiming for the head is unnecessary. Focus on shooting their limbs instead since this will immobilize them, allowing players to eliminate them much more quickly. 

Use your ammo wisely

Like many other survival horror games, Callisto Protocol does not provide its players with plenty of ammo. The lack of ammunition is in line with the story since Jacob is in the Black Iron prison, where the inmate does not have access to any weapons.

To save your ammo for the bigger battles, ensure you exploit the GRP mechanism added to the combat system. The GRP allows Jacob to throw enemies into environmental hazards, such as spikes or machinery, which can instantly kill the enemy.

Stomp on fallen enemies

Jacob can stomp on downed enemies to get any extra loot. This is especially helpful for players since it’ll allow you to obtain items you’re running low on, such as ammo or health. Though this might require extra time, consider it a stress-relief activity that provides you with several rewards.

Perfect your dodge

Due to the lack of ammo and resources, often, players will be forced into close combat. It requires them to dodge because if they’re not, playing the game will become much more challenging. Like other games, Callisto Protocol does not prompt the player to avoid either, so you must practice your dodge to time it perfectly.

Players can get a perfect dodge if their timing is correct, which is tricky but doable. Though it is not easy, you must press the dodge button for merely a second before an enemy strikes you. This will trigger a slow-motion segment, where the players can strike back with a powerful counterattack.

However, no worries about not performing a perfect dodge because a standard dodge works just as fine.


As discussed before, since the game barely provides its players with ammo and heals, it is important to backtrack and explore every room to gather supplies.

Pay attention to the names of the rooms as well, since occasionally you’ll come across a room with “supplies,” “lockers,” or “storage” written on them. These rooms will contain supplies and caches, allowing you to stock up.

Stick to two weapons

If you’ve gathered enough credits, pay a visit to the REFORGE, and upgrade your weapons from time to time. This is an optional yet essential mechanism since, similar to many other survival horror games; the enemies become more robust and deadlier as the game progresses.

To effectively manage the expenditure of credits, upgrade your Baton and GRP first while saving up the rest for the ranged weapons you’ve acquired in the game.

This will help you make safer choices regarding which guns you should upgrade first. Single out the weapon you prefer, and focus on upgrading it instead of wasting credits on a gun you’ll barely use.

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