Tiny Tower Cheats and Strategy Guide

Tiny Tower Cheats, Strategy, Tips Tricks and Walkthrough.

Tiny Tower is a free to play construction based game made for iOS by Nimblebit. Two things make Tiny tower a success, one it’s free to play and then it’s addictive just like Minecraft or Terraria.

Tiny Tower also has the premium feature to buy to local currency (Tower Bux). Which though speeds up things but it doesn’t mean that you can build a big tower without spending the real cash.

It may take sometime but ultimately, you will attain your goal. Again, it’s the matter of choice whether you want to go the hard way or the easy way. Read the following guide for some useful tips to make your task easy.

Tiny Tower – Basic Guide

Let’s start with the introduction to gameplay element in the game so that you have a thorough understanding of how you should go about playing it.

Tower Bux
We can call it the local currency of the game. Players can use it construct new floors, upgrade elevators or spend it on a Bitizen. If you play normally, then these Bux are earned gradually which then can be spent depending upon your needs and preferences.

If you want it real fast which i will recommend to enjoy the game properly, you can buy bux and spend them to speed things up. But if you choose the regular way, you will always has something to do in the game.

Bitizens are your workers who literally do every task for you i.e creating items, selling them and bring in some coins and build floors to expand your tower.

Now you can’t adjust each Bitizen to any floor you want as they have certain specialties and preferences.In general, more Bitizens you have, faster will be your growth.

Bitizen working at their preferred places will work more efficiently and you in return will get a small bonus for this wise act. You can also the Bitbook which is a sort of virtual social network for the workers which can provide you some useful hints.

You start the game with a single floor and then build it according to the instructions. It’s not a tower of course so your task is not only to add more floors above but also organize them to make to monitoring task easy.

Each floor can stock up to 3 items and each stock has a different timer but once it sells out, it’s your task to let the Bitizens know so that they can order more.

When they are restocked, you can again place them for sale. It’s easy to examine few floors but once your tower has more than 25 or so floors, you may get crazy so organizing things is important if you don’t want it a mess in the later stages.

You may also want to turn off the local notifications while you are not playing the game as they might nudge in the worst times, who knows while you are with your girlfriend. May be? Anyways, if you are OK with the continuous beeps, they will keep on reminding you about the updates going on in your tower.

Elevators will serve as pick and drop facility for you your Bitizens and sometimes the VIPs. Transporting the Bitizens and VIPs to their destinations will earn you reward.

Make sure that you use VIPs properly which can make a big difference in your production.

Tiny Tower Tips

Following are some tips that can help you expand your tower rapidly.

  • In general, the more Bitizens you have, the more products you will sell at one and hence make more coins in short. time
  • Bitizens don’t move on their own so you need to make the moves. The experience level of the Bitizen will tell you how much discount you will get or restocking products.
  • Try that your floors are stocked fully before you leave the game. In this way your stock will sell most before you start playing it again.
  • Don’t be hasty and spend any cash you get early in the game rather stock upto 50 bux and then trade it for 100,00 gold.
  • Only choose the concerned Bitizen who is skillful enough for the vacant place you have in your floor.
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