How To Find Secret Raid Bosses in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

This guide tells you how to find all the Secret Raid Bosses in Tiny Tina's Wonderlands, and how to defeat them.

If you are wondering how to find the Secret Raid Bosses in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, then look no further because this guide will help you find all the secret raid bosses found in the Chaos Chamber and tells you how to defeat them.

How To Unlock Secret Raid Bosses In Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

To access the Chaos Chamber, you will have first finish the campaign of Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, allowing you to start the endgame mode. This is the same as the normal mode where you shoot, loot, and keep moving.

There are 3 different secret raid bosses located in the endgame mode,

  • Barkenstein, the Keeper of Nature
  • Bunnidhogg, the Keeper of Sands
  • Gloopathoth, the Keeper of Abyss

To locate these secret chaos chamber bosses, we have to first find Three Runes. Two of these Runes can be found in Featured Run. Meanwhile, One Rune can be found in normal runs

Activate Yellow Rune

You will find the first rune in the first encounter of the Featured Run. After eliminating all the enemies, the first rune will be close to the stairs where the Dragon Lord is facing.

Activate the rune and follow the light. When it stops, shoot at the spinning rock where light has stopped.

Afterward, you will see another big rune. Shoot at it until it explodes and then head towards the next encounter.

Activate Green Rune

This second rune can be located in the seventh encounter in the Featured Run. Same as before, you will have to eliminate all the enemies and move towards the dice.

Look at the left side of the dice, and you may find the second rune on the wall of the castle ruins.

Activate the rune and follow the light. When the light stops, you will find a mushroom growing out of the ground.

Once it has matured completely, jump on the mushroom, which will start releasing spores.

There will be three sets of spores which will increase numerically after each set. A rune will spawn once you have dealt with the last set of spores.

Shoot at the rune and move towards the final encounter.

Activate Blue Rune

You can find the third rune in the normal runs. After completing an encounter, you might find a blue rune close to the portal.

You will then activate the rune to follow the light. Now, this light will make a couple of stops.

The first stop will spawn three ice orbs and freeze the floor. Stand on the frozen floor and wait until one of the orbs starts following you.

Take the orb to the other side of the room, where you will find a water blob. Once the orb reaches close to the blob, shoot at it, and it will activate the boss.

How To Defeat The Secret Raid Bosses In Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

After you have defeated the boss, claim your rewards. Two portals will open behind the dice.

Based on what rune you destroyed, jump into the Red Portal, and then meet with The Maker. After you are done with your dialogues, you will encounter your first secret raid boss.

How To Defeat Barkenstein, The Keeper Of Nature

This boss’s mechanics are similar to the Green Rune you destroyed. At some point, the boss will start spawning spores.

Shoot as many as you can before they can touch the ground; otherwise, you will have to deal with the poisonous clouds all over the arena.

When the boss is about to attack you with its claw, you may notice a glowing orb in its hand. Shoot at the orb to stagger the boss and deal as much damage as possible.

There is also another glowing orb behind its tail. You will see it easily, but it is hard to shoot since it is in the back.

How To Defeat Bunnidhogg, The Keeper Of Sands

This boss’s mechanics are similar to the Yellow Rune you destroyed. However, you will have to be careful of his searchlight, which blinds you when it hits.

You can hide behind the stones that deteriorate over time to avoid this.

If you shoot at the glowing stone above the boss, it will stagger the boss then you can deal damage for a limited amount of time.

At some point, the boss will crawl underground to open his rune. Shoot at the rune, making the boss come back out into the open.

How To Defeat Gloopathoth, The Keeper Of Abyss Secret

This boss’s mechanics are similar to the blue rune you destroyed when the boss spawns a gigantic ice orb.

Run towards the blob of water and shoot at it when the boss comes close. It will stagger the boss, and you can damage the boss for a little time.

The boss will also spawn fire orbs, and you just dodge them because there’s nothing else you can do about those orbs.

How To Defeat The Maker

This fight is all about the dice that are rolled by the boss. The number thrown by The Maker tells the severity of the upcoming attack.

The Maker also has a brutal attack called Void Bunnies where huge bunnies are unleashed on the arena. They do loads of damage when hit. Killing the bunnies results in spawning purple sigils. These sigils cause damage by bursting if they are not killed timely. To use sigils to damage the boss, melee them in her direction.

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