How Myth Rank Works In Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands?

In this guide, we will tell you complete details about how the Myth Rank system works in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands and its uses.

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands features thrill down with challenging enemies, demanding honed skills and powerful equipment. But even after reaching level 40, the journey for power doesn’t end. This is where Myth Rank steps in, an endgame progression system that grants your Fatemaker significant stat boosts.

Myth Rank unlocks a new pool of points you earn through continued experience gain. These points are then invested into four distinct Myth Rank trees, each focusing on different aspects of your character. By strategically allocating these points, you can tailor your Fatemaker to become an unstoppable force, conquering even the toughest foes Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands throw your way.

This guide will serve as your roadmap to Myth Rank. We’ll discuss the intricacies of each Myth Rank tree, explain how to invest your points effectively and ensure you maximize your Fatemaker’s potential.

How to Unlock Myth Rank in Tiny Tina’s Wonderland?

As you hit level 40, the maximum level in the game, you’ll unlock the Myth Rank. This is essentially the equivalent of the Guardian or Badass Rank from Borderlands 3 for this game. In previous games, we had to pick maybe one or two little pieces at a time, but in Wonderlands, we have a much more innovative wheel to work through that works much better.

This allows you to keep earning XP and get stronger even after hitting the level cap. Think of Myth Ranks as an endgame skill tree that helps you specialize your capabilities.


There is no level cap on Myth Ranks. You can level them up as many times as you want.

How Does Myth Rank Work?

The Myth Rank is divided into four sections: Druid, Archmage, Blademaster, and Deadeye. You can start with any section you want, but after that, it will go in a clockwise manner. For example, starting with Druid, you must pick a point in the Blademaster section, Deadeye, and Druid again. Let’s break down each section for a better understanding:

  • Druid: This section focuses on filling out different pieces of your skill tree. You’ll find nodes like Wisdom (health), Companion Damage, Two Minute (action skill poison damage, lightning damage), Loot Luck (which you should max out as much as possible), and Ability Damage (damage of your action skill).
  • Archmage: This stresses your spells and abilities. You’ll find nodes like Intelligence (tied to your spells), Spot Grit, Spell Critical Chance, Frost Damage (important for characters like Berserker), Status Effect Damage, Fire Damage, and Spell Damage.
  • Blademaster: This rank makes melee combat a piece of cake with nodes like Strength, Constitution (health), Critical Chance, Melee Swing Speed, Melee Damage, Melee Critical Damage, and Dark Magic Damage (important for characters like the Graveborn).
  • Deadeye: Lastly, Deadeye is mainly focused on guns. You’ll find nodes like Dexterity, Gun Handling, Movement Speed, Magazine Size, Fire Rate, Reload Speed, and Gun Damage.

Deadeye Constellation

This constellation is best for gun-focused builds. This constellation has attributes in which you can invest to improve your proficiency with weapons. All the Deadeye Constellations are given below, along with their effects.

StatMax RanksDescriptions
Dexterity10This will increase the critical hit chances by 2%
Gun Handling10This improves gun handling skills by 3%
Move Speed25This increases the movement speed by 1%
Reload Speed20This will increase the reload speed of your weapon by 1%
Magazine Size15This will increase the maximum Magazine Size for your weapons by 2%
Fire Rate20This will increase the fire rate of your weapon by 1%
Gun Damage10This will increase the damage done by your weapons by 1%

Druid Constellation

The Druid Constellation is focused on inflicting Status Damage by investing in companions and other passive skills. Let’s go over Druid stats and what it does:

StatsMax RanksDescriptions
Wisdom10This will increase the Status Damage of your attacks by 2%
Companion Damage20This will increase the damage done by your companion by 1.5%
Attunement10This will help reduce the cooldown time by 1%
Lightning Damage20This will help in increasing the Lightning Damage by 1.5%
Loot Luck20This will help increase the drop rate chance by 5%
Poison Damage20This will increase the poison damage done by you by 1.5%
Ability Damage10This will increase the damage done by abilities by 1%

Archmage Constellations

This will help in increasing the magic proficiency and improving the elemental damage. All the Archmage Constellations and their effects are given below.

StatsMax RanksDescriptions
Intelligence10This will reduce the Spell Cooldown time by 1%
Spell Critical Damage20This stat increases critical damage done by spell by 1%
Spell Critical Chance20This increases the chances of a critical hit with spell attacks by 1%
Fire Damage20This will increase fire damage by 1.5%
Frost Damage20This increases frost damage by 1.5%
Status Effect Chance10This will increase the chances of inflicting the Status Effect by 3%
Spell Damage10This will increase the damage done by spell attacks by 1%

Blademaster Constellation

In Blademaster Constellation, players will find the attributes that will increase their melee combat stats. Melee attacks will get boosts in different attributes with Blademaster Constellation.

Effects of the Blademaster Constellations in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands are given below.

StatsMax RanksDescriptions
Strength10This will increase the Critical Damage done in melee attacks by 1.25%
Constitution10This will increase the max health of your character
Dark Magic Damage20This will increase the melee attack’s swing speed by 1.5%
Melee Critical Chance20Melee critical hits inflict more damage by 1%
Melee Swing Speed20This will increase the dark magic damage you give by 1%
Melee Critical Damage20The chances of getting a critical hit with a melee attack increase by 1%
Melee Damage10This will increase the Melee damage of your attacks by 1%

How Do I Reset/Respec Myth Rank in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands?

There’s no going back in this case in Tiny Tina’s, as you can never Reset or respec your Myth Rank in the game. You have the liberty of unlocking every Myth Rank in the game, which compensates for the disadvantage of not having the option to reset the Myth Rank.

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