Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Manual Transmission Location Guide

This guide covers the gear-shifting Manual Transmission legendary assault rifle in Tiny Tina's Wonderlands and how to get it.

The guns in Borderlands series have always been over the top and absurd. Of course, this is no different for Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands where you find even more interesting and exotic weapons that you cannot see anywhere else. The Manual Transmission, unlike the name, is actually a Legendary assault rifle in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, not a car.

Manual Transmission is manufactured by Stoker, and like all Stoker weapons, is vulnerable to breaking due to overheating. The weapon can be found in every elemental type, Fire, Lightning, Poison, Frost, Dark Magic, or even regular without any elemental buffs at all.

Where to Find Manual Transmission in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

Unfortunately, Manual Transmission is not found as a world drop. You can only get the weapon in the game as a drop from a Vorcanar Boss. To find the boss, you need to complete The Slayer of Vorcanar side quest.

The side quest is found on Mount Craw, and you need to complete the mission to unlock the boss area for easy access.

After this, you can go back and fight the Vorcanar boss anytime you want to try and get the Manual Transmission assault rifle for yourself.

Manual Transmission Stats and Buffs

Manual Transmission Doesn’t require any reloading as all the ammo can be placed in a single magazine, but this doesn’t come without a catch. You see, the weapon, like its name, has gears. You need to change the gear of the weapon as it gets hotter and hotter to continue firing, or else the weapon will overheat and you’d need to wait for it to cool until you can start firing again.

Whenever the ammo counter turns red, that’s your cue for changing the gear so you can continue firing. Now, this does seem like firing with extra steps, but if you manage to successfully change the gear at the right time, you get increased firing rate and increased damage as well.

For a perfect gear change, you get +15% Damage and +30% of the minimum fire rate of the gun. Of course, this means that as you continue to fire, your attacking gets faster and harder, making the gun extremely effective in crowd control.

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