Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Harmonious Dingledangle Location Guide

While setting up the perfect build for your character, Amulets are as important as any weapon or spell and should be chosen carefully. To equip yourself with an ideal Amulet, you must first have a variety of options to choose from, and in order to do so, you must explore and farm the adventurous world of TTW. In this Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands guide, we’ll be taking a look into the Harmonious Dingledangle, its location, and its uses.

Amulets are accessories players can equip themselves with while playing Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. These can boost your performance by adding extra damage, spell radius, critical chance, and fire rate. These grant you strength and extra power while fighting with enemies and are always good to add to your builds.

Harmonious Dingledangle is one of the rare Amulet in TTW and is produced by Vatu. It belongs to the Unique Rarity, meaning players can obtain it after completing a specific mission or defeating a certain enemy.

Where To Find Harmonious Dingledangle In Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

Instead of going through chests and loot boxes around the game world, players can simply access this Amulet by completing the ‘Emotion of the Ocean’ mission and receiving it as a reward. And if you happen to want more of it, you can simply purchase it from a vending machine afterward.

To complete the Emotion of the Ocean mission, once players are back at the Brighthoof, they will have to meet up with Torgue at the docks, who will then ask you to bless the ship by playing instruments. As you’re doing that, a Magisizer will appear, upon which you will play dingaling for your third instrument.

Just when you do that, an explosion from underneath the ocean will come up to the surface sending deadly waves in the form of a tsunami to the docks. This will dry out the water from the ocean surface, allowing you to go to the Fearamid without needing a ship.

Upon doing so, you will receive the Harmonious Dingledangle Amulet alongside other goodies as rewards; Money, Enchantment, and Secondary class unlocked.

Harmonious Dingledangle Stats And Effects

Harmonious Dingledangle has one of the most decent stats when it comes to Amulets in TTW. So if you’re considering adding any Amulet to your inventory or opting to farm for any, we recommend you give this a shot. Harmonious Dingledangle is described in the red text as the ‘Raging Harmonious Dingledangle of Affection’ that ‘Destroys the Divide Between You.’

It has a 38.6% Fire Damage and 32.2% of the BRR-Zerker-Power. With the +26.9% Action Skill Cooldown Rate and +34.5 Status Effect Chance,  it becomes a good add-on to your builds and complements your weapons and spells.

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