Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Goblin Pickaxe Location Guide

This Tiny Tina's Wonderlands guide will look at the unique Goblin Pickaxe and gold farming benefit it provides.

If we have to suggest getting any weapon type in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands,  it will have to be Melee Weapons. These are great for augmenting your builds and facing any kind of boss that gets in your way during your adventures. But what happens when you farm the rarest melee weapon that produces gold every time you hit an enemy? This Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands guide will look at the unique Goblin Pickaxe, its location, and its uses.

Goblin Pickaxe is a Legendary Rarity Melee Weapon that Kleave produces. All of the axes manufactured by them have high critical hit damage. Additionally, Goblin Pickaxe can have either Dark Magic, Fire, Frost, Lightning, or Poison element rolls on it.

Where To Find Goblin Pickaxe In Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

Farming a Goblin Pickaxe is highly beneficial for players while playing TTW. Not only does it have its purpose of absolutely destroying and killing an enemy, but every time you land a successful hit, you get gold! Now isn’t that a good deal? This perk is what makes it totally worth farming for this melee weapon!

Like all the resources and weapons, Goblin Pickaxe can also be acquired by searching through chests and boxes and rolling loot dice.

However, we know by now that it can be exhausting, and narrowing down the location with higher drop chances is a much easier and more accessible way to obtain the items we’re seeking for.

Instead of wasting time around raiding boxes and crates, we suggest you save time as the Goblin Pickaxe suggests, ‘Time is Money, Friend.’ For players to farm this weapon, they must first unlock the Mount Craw area of the map and then make their way to find Pigwart and defeat him. Defeating this boss has a higher drop chance for the Goblin Pickaxe.

Complete the main story mission quest ‘A Hard Day’s Knight’ and participate in the ‘Working Blueprint’ side quest. Fix the bridge, cross over to Mount Craw, and then make your way to Ancient Obelisk to activate it.

Once activated, you’ll meet a bunch of goblins trying to protect Pigwart, defeat them all, and finally encounter the boss itself. Drop him dead; if you’re lucky, it may drop the Goblin Pickaxe.

You can also encounter Pigwart in Chaos Trials after completing the game, where it may drop the weapon, and you may be able to farm it. If lucks becomes tough, you always have the route to check in chests and loot boxes.

Goblin Pickaxe Stats And Effects

Goblin Pickaxe is an absolute win-win legendary melee weapon. Although its drop chances are very slim, once you have it, you best believe you’ll be having the time of your life. Once acquired, you should not be worried about dealing with Goblins, Goons, and Goobers, as this weapon will destroy them in seconds. And as mentioned before, you will put one or two gold in your pocket with every hit.

If things couldn’t get any better, every time you pick up the gold, you receive a 6% increase in Movement Speed, Spell Cooldown Rate, and Action Skill Cooldown for 5 seconds. Where else can you find such a deal?

Goblin Pickaxe is all worth the effort and time it takes. Once you have it, you’ll enjoy the endless perks it provides and weapon abilities that drain the enemies’ health.

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