Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Cursed Wit Location Guide

This Tiny Tina's Wonderlands guide will look at the Cursed Wit, the legendary shield from Pangoblin and how you can get it.

While embarking on the exciting journey of the role-playing action game Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, players will soon come across many items they can pick up and add to their gear. Though some are acquired through fighting different bosses, others can be acquired through the world drop mechanism. This Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands guide will look at the Cursed Wit, its location, and its uses. So without further ado, let us begin!

In Tiny Tina Wonderlands, Cursed Wit is a Legendary Shield that Pangoblin manufactures. It belongs to the poison element type and can be acquired as loot throughout the game’s world.

Upon acquiring this shield, it protects you from any attack advanced by the enemies and bosses through its 100% increased damage. The drop chances of Cursed Wit shield vary on your luck; the more you repeat the boss fight and go through resources on the game map, the higher the drop chances get.

Where To Find Cursed Wit In Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

Unlike other items in the game, players can farm Cursed Wit as soon as players complete the game tutorial. Compared to other items, the drop chances of this shield is also fairly decent. While players can easily farm the Cursed Wit through loots, chests, and luck dices, there are higher drop chances of this legendary shield after defeating Ribula, who can be found at the Snoring Valley.

Rubila is the first boss players will encounter when starting their journey at Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. In order to fight her, players will have to make their way to the Snoring Valley and, from there onwards, travel to the very end of the map, where you can find the safe station to teleport and enter the arena for the boss fight.

Upon entering the arena, players must make their way inside the Dragon Lord’s Tomb and find Rubila. Once you’re face to face, kick its ass and execute your best moves on it. We recommend players use a gun with cyro damage to provide immense damage to bone targets. Upon defeating it, there are higher chances of it dropping the Cursed Wit.

In case Rubila does not drop Cursed Wit, you can farm it again by exiting the arena and the main menu. Then, reload your saved file and head back to where you found the boss earlier.

They will respawn, and you can fight them again to try your luck. Repeat the process until you’re satisfied, or search through loot boxes and other item resources around the game world that may have the drop chances for this legendary shield.

Cursed Wit Stats And Effects

A Cursed Wit is a great option for players looking to boost their damage potential and fight bosses up close. This means the shield is only ideal for close range or melee players and even then, it can be quite a challenge to properly use Cursed Wit especially on higher difficulties.

Cursed Wit provides 13% poison resistance on top of its shield capacity. The special red text shield effect on Cursed Wit reduces damage received by 17% and increases damage output by 100% to nearby enemies whenever your shield is depleted. The rest of the stats and bonuses on Cursed Wit are randomized, so you will have to hope for a god-roll.

With close-quarter combats, this shield definitely becomes the first choice for players, especially if you’re playing with Spellshot class. With Glass Cannon skill, the shield does not regenerate at all, making it work smoothly.

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