Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Best Spells Guide

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands has lots of spells for players to use and annihilate enemies. When it comes down to actually...

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands has lots of spells for players to use and annihilate enemies. When it comes down to actually choosing the best spells of the lot is when players are likely to start scratching their heads. There are simply too many good options.

The following guide lists out the best spells in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. That being said, keep in mind that the best spell for you depends on your character build and your playstyle.

The Best Spells In Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

Spells are sometimes useful during the battles and sometimes they increase the overall performance of your character. With the best 10 spells of the game, this guide will help you in getting the maximum advantage of the spells in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands.

Burgeoning Concentrated Magic Barrage

Burgeoning Concentrated Magic Barrage deals the most damage to enemies in the game. The initial damage stands at roughly 4792 which can then be enhanced further.

The spell has got a critic rate of 10%. When the spell is put in use, the damage output of the player is increased by 1220%. Now you can imagine how deadly this spell can be. Alongside the damage, the crit rate of the player is also increased by 400%.

When put in use, the spell increases the Spell Status Effect by 153% and hence increases the chances of killing the enemy. With that, the range of attacks is also increased by 200% and hence makes you more gigantic.

When held the spell button, the spell tends to charge up and enables the players to summon two projectiles from the sky. These types of spells are called Channel Cast Spell. This skill also increases the damage by 15% for 10 seconds. The spell can be launched at intervals of 13.1 seconds.

Efficacious Quaking Sunder

The next one on the list is Efficacious Quaking Surrender. It has a damage output of 887 and a critic rate of 15% which really makes this spell worth having.

When the spell is put in use, the damage output is further increased by 50% and hence can be used to get rid of enemies all at once. The spell is a source of quick casting as it has the ability to lower the spell cooldown time by 24%.

The spell throws a strong beam of energy at the enemies when activated and kills the opponents with a massive amount of damage that it causes. It also has the tendency of getting lost health when a certain amount of damage is dealt with.

The cooldown time of the spell is 15.3 and thus can be launched after this time.

Spitting Triple Ice Spike

When it comes to the support of the players in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, this spell is all that you need. The third one on our list is the Spitting Triple Ice Spike. It is a spell from the Ice Triple Spikes and high damage output of 1500.

When the spell is used as a first cast, it gives the benefit of giving an extra 50% critic rate to the players. This enables the players to go in close range with the enemies and one shot them.

One excellent passive skill that this spell has is that it allows the players to summon Ice projectiles from the sky and direct them toward the enemies. This way, the enemies can be taken down one by one. The maximum projectiles that a player can call are three per cast.

This skill has a pretty average critic rate that is 28% and has a cooldown time of 11.3 seconds.

Burgeoning Cloudburst Arc Torrent

When struck in a losing battle, this spell can be a lifesaver with its high damage output. This can the harder battles easier. When put in the first cast, the spell causes the spell damage output to be increased by 45% and helps to be victorious.

Another solid fact that makes the spell worth carrying is Status Damage Enhancement by 26%. The critic rate of the spell is 13% which can be increased to 50% by receiving the effect damage enhancement.

The spell can be cast multiple times after short intervals as it reduces the spell cooldown time by 52%. This spell also falls into the category of Channel Cast, the players can hold the button of the spell and make it stronger by charging it. When released, the spell throws a strong bolt of lightning from the sky at the enemies.

This spell has a cooldown time of 7.5 percent and has the ability to deal increased damage by 15% for 10 seconds.

Practiced Threads Of Fate

The Practiced Threads of Fate can be treated as a buff for damage while having a battle with bosses in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. With a 20% damage output of the spell, the players can finish off their enemies in less time and can go face to face with the bosses.

The spell doesn’t have a hell of a critic rate but still, 10% is sufficient enough to give a standing chance at the arena. With 45% Spell Status Effect Damage, the spell chooses the winner before the fight with so much damage in hand.

The spell has a 10% reduced cooldown time and makes it an excellent choice to be used repeatedly. The spell can be charged up and enhanced by holding the spell and this makes the spell fall under the category of Caster Skill.

The spell has a cooldown time of 15.3 seconds and has the ability to increase the Ability Damage by 30% for an interval of 10 seconds.

Surging Glacial Cascade

This skill is best to have if you prefer a diverse approach. The spell can be helpful in both single target and multiple target enemies. The skill has a fair damage output of 1120. The damage output is sufficient enough to win most of the fights in the game.

The skill enables the players to go close and use the specific ranged skills to damage the enemies as the spell has a great critic rate of 33%. The spell also comes with a spell damage enhancement of 20%.

As far as the Overall Status Damage Effect is concerned, it gives it a bump to 26% higher and makes the enemies troubled during fights. The spell is a Simple Cast and has the mechanism of using it by pressing the button and supports no charging.

The spell allows the players to experience a 30% increased critic rate for both gun and melee attacks.

The skill has a cooldown time of 10.8 seconds and possesses the ability to have a 10% reduced cooldown time making it a good candidate for frequent use.

Burgeoning Twister

To be a battle master and with a will to be the nest player of Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, you need to have this spell by your side. The main purpose that this spell serves is to buff all other spells that you have. It doesn’t have a self-centered high damage output approach. With a specific build in their minds, this spell can be used to support other spells that you plan to use.

It yet has a 32% increased damage output which is definitely good. The other noticeable feature of the spell is a 19% reduced cooldown time. The spell has a critic rate of 25% and doesn’t feature Channel Cast.

An important passive skill that the spell has is the giving of free health to the player when they hit critical damage. It allows the players to call other skills and have an increased damage output by 15% for 10 seconds.

Finally, the spell has a cooldown time of 14.6 seconds.

Jacketed Impaling Ice Spike

With the tremendous amount of damage that the Jacketed Impaling Ice Spike possesses, this spell can be used to take any enemy down in the arena. The damage output that this spell has is 1915 which by all means is a great number.

The critical damage that this skill increases by is 26%. This allows the players to land critical hits at enemies at their will. The thing that makes the spell even more important to have is the 100% increase that it gives to the Critic Damage.

While using the spell, the Spell Status Effect Damage is buffed by 505%. Abusing the passives of the spell enables the players to get a 120% enhanced Spell Status Effect Damage and an increased spell radius by 14000%.

It is a simple cast spell and has a cooldown time of 14 seconds.

Ramming Buffmeister

It can be included in the category of fully broken spells as it has a critic rate of 100%. It allows every hit launched by the players to be a critical hit and deal massive damage. The damage output is enhanced by 155 when the spell is put in use. With that 155 tip, it also increased the spell damage by 32%.

With a reduced spell cooldown time by 19%, it still has a cooldown time of 30.8 seconds.

Burgeoning Glacial Cascade

With a promising damage output of 942, the list of best spells in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands comes to an end. The spell has a critic rate of 33% which is outstanding. The spell is a damage output-based spell and can be used in builds in which you feel it to be fit to be used.

The spell has a cooldown time of 9.7 seconds and has a 19% reduced spell cooldown time. The spell is also a Simple Cast and increased player damage output by 15%.

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