Darksiders 3 Publisher THQ Nordic Acquires Timesplitters Franchise, New Entry or Re-releases Coming?

THQ Nordic is the publisher behind the upcoming Darksiders 3 and it has acquired two IPs for itself namely, Timesplitters franchise and Second Sight.

THQ Nordic is the publisher behind the upcoming Darksiders 3 and the company has acquired two IPs for itself namely, Timesplitters franchise and Second Sight.

This will bring new hope for TimeSplitters fans as THQ Nordic will not only be able to re-release previous entries in the franchise but will also be able to develop new Timesplitters games.

With THQ Nordic acquiring Timesplitters and Second Sight franchises, we can be sure that the company will be looking to release new games in the series or remake old ones.

For those who don’t know, Second Sight is another franchise that is also the creation of the Free Radical Design, the creators of Timesplitters franchise.

Timesplitters was largely considered as one of the most influential console games of the early 2000’s. The three game series earned a large and passionate fan base thanks to its unique humour, art style and pop culture references while encouraging customization and modification to give each person their own individual experience. Timesplitters was originally created by the development studio Free Radical Design that later become Deep Silver Dambuster, part of the THQ Nordic group

There has been no new game in the Timesplitters franchise since TimeSplitters: Future Perfect which released in 2005. However, Timesplitters Rewind was announced in 2017 and was expected to launch the same year.

But, the game still hasn’t released for any platform and remains in a limbo. However, with THQ Nordic acquiring the rights to the IP we can expect the game to launch soon and possibly see a completely new game in the series.

It will be a while before we get to see Timesplitters franchise resurrected but, that is not the only IP resurrected by THQ Nordic.

Darksiders is another IP that the company acquired as THQ closed down and the next entry, Darksiders 3, will launch later this year.

Not only that, developer Gunfire Games will be introducing a new feature that was missing is previous titles, which is multiple endings based on player choice.

Darksiders 3 will feature multiple endings. Fury, the game’s protagonist, will come across a few points where she will have to make decisions and these decisions will result in different endings.

These Darksiders 3 endings will impact the overall Darksiders ark or not is currently unknown but, it seems unlikely that it will happen since developers have been setting up the Darksiders story for over a decade.

Timesplitters is a sci-fi first-person shooter franchise created by Free Radical Design.

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