Total War: Thrones of Britannia Beginners Guide

Our Total War: Thrones of Britannia Beginners Guide will detail all the mechanisms, features, and the in-and-outs of the latest strategy game in Thrones of Britannia. So put on your reading glasses and set your eyes at what you need to know in the game for a smoother experience.

Total War: Thrones of Britannia Beginners Guide

Managing your troops, engaging in battles, building structures, there’s a lot to do in Thrones of Britannia. In this strategy-based medieval game, you’ll need all the help you can get because getting used to the mechanics of it isn’t that easy.

Check out some important aspects of the game below in our Thrones of Britannia Beginners Guide:


This will play a major role when it comes to the sustenance of your army and how they perform in battle. They’ve got to be well-fed at all time. Therefore, you need to have all the food resources you can get. This involves setting up buildings and gathering resources from elsewhere.

Moreover, you can conquer settlements like plantations, fisheries, etc. to grab more resources of food. In addition to your army units, provincial capitals also require this resource to function. A lack of the resources can lead to disorder in public and punishment rate.


Units are now recruited automatically as long as you’re in home territory, as you progress through the game. The capacity for recruitment and other tech can be upgraded for better results. Units of a higher-tier require more resources while freshly recruited units won’t be as effective right from the start. They will take time to show their maximum potential in battle.


Be very careful when recruiting as if you use up your quota then it takes time for the roster to refresh, so choose wisely.


Your troops will be marching for battle along with a certain amount of supplies before every battle. This will determine how long they can sustain in battle and get out of it. The enemy’s supply bar can also be viewed by hovering over their troops.

The speed at which the supply bar depletes depends on a number of variables like enemy strength, type of commander general, provincial capitals in the area, and so on.

If the supply bar starts depleting, casualties of troops will result. Therefore, you need to design your empire such that you have buildings within certain intervals to help the troops replenish their supply. Some generals will have qualities ensuring that supplies last longer, or the troops cover ground more quickly.


Your troop has the standard soldiers or followers that carry different characteristics and bring different abilities into war e.g. the Quartermaster will boost abilities when it comes to movement speed so they’ll deal a quicker response.

Similarly, a Scribe will gather money by taxing resources so in this way each follower under the governor will affect the battles in different ways. Upgrading the character level will bring in a variety of more followers as well.

Public Order

This implies to a static number that is affected by various factors. Some of these include conquests, taxes, the existence of certain buildings/settlements, events, etc. If the public order goes all messy i.e. in the negative, you risk in a rebellion to spring up.


Minor settlements are prone to be attacked by foreign force since this time they’ve got no protection or garrison of any sort. You could only hire an army to defend these minorities, but this isn’t financially feasible. That isn’t to say, you’ll be facing constant threats from rebellions and small armies when minorities are considered.

The major settlements are guarded by a garrison that can be increased in size by building certain structures. You can also send your small armies to capture food centers of the enemies’ minority areas.

Family and Marriage

Marriage plays a pivotal role when it comes to how your playthrough is affected. Your spouse will boost the character’s stats and so for the general and governors. These include better government and buffs to command.

However, de-buffs are also possible where your loyalty is affected or influence is reduced.

Marriage can be carried out by choosing a partner that suits the family tree or from another nation to join empires. However, you choose to marry, make sure to keep it up for boosts to stats.

Of course, if all goes wrong, you could ask for a divorce or worse yet… an assassination. As WWE goes, ‘Do not try this at home’.

Civic and Military Technology Tree

This is where all the developments of your kingdom take place. The Civic tree improves and unlocks new types of buildings and gives various bonuses, while the Military tree upgrades your units, recruitment, and replenishment.

You can choose to go down a certain path like structures to boost the civil sector of your empire. Alternatively, if you’re willing to increase the supply chain, go for ‘Trades’.

Here, your playstyle matter and what branches you go down is totally dependent on your opinion, but development is needed down both of these trees to be able to sustain both public order and a strong army.


Whatever part of any empire you conquer, always assign a governor to it. You can do this by clicking on a province and choosing the option at the bottom left of the screen.

As governors level up, the province is improved in many ways like better tax income, campaign movement, and a good public order.

You will also be required to assign estates and offices to different governors. How they perform will depend on these governors that carry unique traits and stats.


There’s an icon in the game that will alert you when the individuals of influence in your kingdom start turning disloyal. This could result in various troubles like assassination attempts, blackmailing and even rebellions. To avoid these issues, it’s best to assign offices or have a priest accompany a disloyal individual.

Marriage also helps while adopting someone will ensure they’re more loyal now than before. Lastly, you can gift certain assets to overcome the problem. Again, if nothing works your way, perform an assassination.

Another way of getting loyal subjects is to assign them estates. You can give estates to your vassals. Don’t try to take them back when gifted though unless absolutely necessary or else they will hold a grudge.

You can do this by going to the Faction Tab->Governors and Generals->Estates->You can gift any estate with a golden crown on top of it, by dragging it to a general you want to give it to.

Win With Diplomacy and Fame

If you have enough influence and work well with diplomacy you can win by Fame. Fame can be increased throughout a game by constructing buildings and unlocking technologies. Buildings like these help with fame:

  • Bard building chain (Gwined and Strat Clut)
  • Hogback building chain (Guvan)
  • St Dewi chain and other Saints (Menevia)

No matter what happens though your best tool is diplomacy. Life will be very hard for you if you are fighting every one. And hence you should instead rely on politics and good relations to get what you want so that you can choose your battles.

Diplomacy can get you pacts and declarations of friendships, military alliances that are useful to defeat non-Allied nations.


There are a lot of different kinds of battles you can fight in the game:

Field battles are those that are fought with ground forces in open battlegrounds. Here the terrain is your best ally. Gaining the high ground nets you a very big advantage.

Use your heavy melee units to tire out the enemy attackers, cover them with your archers ideally placed on high ground and do sweeps with your cavalry, to quickly change the pace of battles.

Just remember that sending your cavalry straight into the enemy’s heavy melee units is a suicide, use them to circle from the back or the sides of the enemy lines.

Minor Settlements will be attacked if left undefended, so place troops in them, in an attack houses can be used as cover for your ranged units and narrow paths are much easier to defend against a large force.

Siege Battles are tough no matter which side you are on. If attacking it is very important to aim the defensive towers first. On the defensive side, try to take your troops out from another entrance to launch counter-attacks at the enemy, your troops will have support from the defensive placements as well, but do not chase the enemy too far out.

Amphibious Battle is to take over a major port, the tough part is landing all of your troops safely on the beaches for them to attack the port, and otherwise, it plays out much like the Seige battles.

Naval Battles involve ships and much of it is a melee affair between ships, which can and should be avoided by using flaming arrows and archers to sink ships or damage them as much as you can before approaching.

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