Three New Overwatch Heroes Leaked: Doomfist Is First, Then Bria and Ivon

A trio of new Overwatch heroes has become public knowledge via a leak from a 4chan user known as QAAustinArtist, who supposedly works for Blizzard. The user said that the three new heroes included Doomfist, along with two new heroes called Bria and Ivon. Doomfist had previously been hinted at in other art.

Before Overwatch gained its newest hero Orisa, a large number of social media posts by Blizzard had hinted at Doomfist making a return, mainly an attack on Numbani that resulted in his gauntlet being stolen and a trio of security robots being destroyed. Orisa was built from the wreckage of those robots.

According to QAAustinArtist, Doomfist will be getting added to Overwatch within days, instead of weeks or months, and will serve as a hard counter to Reinhardt and Roadhog, two of the toughest characters in the game, meaning we’ll get another powerful offensive character.

However, we know basically nothing about the other two new Overwatch heroes, Bria and Ivon. It’s possible that Bria is a woman and Ivon a man, but other than that we don’t know their abilities or what they look like, or even whose side they’re on.

Bria is apparently currently in testing, and is one of the smallest characters in the game. Her abilities, according to the leak, appear to focus on locking off small sections of the map in order to assist her team. However, she can’t lock down multiple areas at once. These sorts of abilities could make her vital in Control games.

Ivon, in the meantime, appears to be a tall and thin elderly man wearing a red-accented business suit, who will be in the Defense category of the game’s heroes. He’s apparently in the very early concept stages, so we won’t see much about him for a good while.

However, the prospect of new Overwatch heroes is always welcome news.