Fire Emblem: Three Houses New Game + Guide

In this guide, we will cover everything related to Fire Emblem: Three Houses New Game+ including how to start a New Game+ and its benefits.

In the Fire Emblem: Three Houses, New Game + enables players to restart their previous campaign after finishing it. However, you might have to murder the partner from your previous campaign. Gamers typically start with uncommon stuff or skills from a prior game.

In this guide, we will cover everything related to Fire Emblem: Three Houses New Game+ including how to start a New Game+, what things you carry over to New Game+ and what benefits you get from an NG+ run.

How to Start New Game + in Fire Emblem: Three Houses

You’ll be prompted to start New Game + after finishing your first playthrough, so choose the save file you used to finish the game. When you do, a Sothis symbol will appear in front of that save file and all the others you make after it.

You may choose a new difficulty setting and the sex of your Byleth when you begin the New Game +, allowing you to mix it up a bit on your next playthrough.

What You Carry Over to New Game +

During your initial playtime, you’ll be allowed fresh items in the shop, unlock special battalions, and earn special skill experience through the Saint Statues at Cathedral.

If you decide to keep these in the 2nd campaign, you’ll begin with a significant edge. Your House Leaders’ hairstyles have an extra choice in the customization panel, thanks to New Game+.

You can disregard a few of these perks if you want to keep the existing campaign’s difficulty. The actual benefit has the option to bypass some of the Personality content while still enjoying its advantages.

The Personality components of 3 Houses are still enjoyable, and they are simply time-consuming. In FE: TH, you may even maintain the saint statue rank from the prior playthrough campaign using New Game +. This allows you to use the renown points you earn during the 2nd campaign for other objectives.

New Game + Benefits

The notebook is the main component of New Game +, and if you obtain it in the playthrough after one or two missions, you may use it in Byleth’s chamber at the school.

This notebook has several elements, most of which may be acquired through Renown. The statue improvements in the academy’s cathedral and your Renown total would transfer over from campaign to campaign, making successive campaigns considerably simpler.

In New Game Plus, not all items require Renown. All students may have their clothing and hairdo changed at no extra charge. You may switch between every student’s 2 costumes, one from prior and one after the 5-year time leap.

Within the first hour, you can remove Dorothea’s Hat. For those who bought the FE: Three Houses DLC season pass, Byleth’s appearance in the notebook may also be changed to a more conventional schoolyard outfit.

In a Fire Emblem: Three Houses New Game Plus, Renown is utilized to acquire a variety of goodies. Throughout your initial campaign, you may acquire some Renown by fulfilling objectives and triumphing in combat.

As a “bonus benefit” for finishing the game, you’ll earn extra in your 2nd playtime. With Renown, you can do the things mentioned below:

  • Byleth’s Teacher Rank can be restored for a fee to the highest rank achieved on a prior game. The number of tasks you can finish per day depends on the teacher’s rank. Invest your Renown in this as soon as possible if you want to get the best value for your money.
  • You may use Renown to quickly raise Dorothea’s support level to what it was in the previous campaign if you’ve played the game alongside her and she’s at A Support, and you’d want her to start your 2nd campaign right away. However, if any protagonists from a prior playthrough campaign have Support Levels that are insufficient or nonexistent, you will need to raise them manually.
  • Renown may be used to boost weapon skills acquired in the prior campaign, just like Support. If you already reached S mage rank in the prior campaign, you could pay to get Hubert an S rank. Should you not have, you would have to grind him up.
  • Without ever setting foot on the battleground, you may utilize Renown to raise the skill levels of all your fighters, unlock fighting skills, and add new classes.
  • Depending on your choices during your initial campaign, A New Game+ allows you to spend renown points on exclusive Crest Powers. They may then be added to your squad, giving each troop a unique boost. Typically, credit signs cost 1000 renown points or less.

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